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What to expect when you visit the Caribbean for the first time

the Caribbean for families

When life and work have brought you down and all hope seems lost, it is perhaps time for a vacation, one that not only rests your mood but rejuvenates you till you can attack your daily troubles with renewed energy. And what better way to do this than spend a week exploring the land of pirates and salsa and reefs that shimmer to the rhythm of the reggae? After all, there is no party like a Caribbean party.

So, just in case you are all set to pack your bags and book jamaican beachfront villas, we are here to help, because planning a trip to anywhere might not be the most fun part but it is definitely the most important one. But just in case you are lost during this process, here’s a list of things you should probably know before you answer the call of the Caribbean:

What to expect: the Caribbean with kids

A palette of contrasting hues:

Colors. Colors that meet, explode and contrast. Emerald forests and turquoise waters. Shimmering white beaches. If you want subtle, Caribbean is not the place for you. It is where you search for a hint of ruby orchids in a forest of sheer green. It is where the heart wants to swim with the fish that dart and twist under the azure waters. And, for the adventurers, Caribbean opens the door to its untouched children, St Lucia and Dominica’s mount Piton.

Sheer diversity:

The Caribbean is a mosaic of islands that each move to their own rhythm. It is a pastel paradise of beaches and palm trees, spread gloriously over 7000 exquisite islands. And it answers the age-old question: where is all the rum gone? Probably to the Caribbean. 

The islands are a many-hued tapestry. St Vincent lies trapped in time in all its colonial glory while its near and dear neighbor Barbados bustles with food, trinkets and tourists. Saint Eustatius glorifies its Dutch connections which St Kitts revels in its Britishness. And the revolution of Cuba quiets on the way to Caymans, the banking capital.

Where to go in the Caribbean with kids

  • Take a detour to the Dunn

And you will not regret it. on your way to the fantastic beaches that the Caribbean has to offer, one must explore the River Falls & Park of Dunn. This here is probably one of the most famous tourist attractions of Jamaica and with good reason.

One can choose to climb the limestone tiers that loom at 180 metres and then stare breathlessly at the sight that unfolds in front of their eyes. The waters of the falls crashes down but not before cascading into glorious ponds at places. Whether you are a regular traveller or an adventure enthusiast, this I an experience the you probably cannot afford to miss out on.

  • Go hiking along the Waitukubuli trail

If it is a challenge that you are seeking on your visit to the Caribbean, it will not leave you thirsting for adrenaline. The meandering trail of Waitukubuli in Dominica is over hundred miles of adventure. it takes you through some of Dominica’s most breath-taking landscapes, including, but not limited to, the National Park of Morne Trois Pitons, which is a world heritage site itself.

  • Acquaint yourself with the stingrays at Cayman islands

In Cayman islands lies Stingray city, an array of shallower sandbars that host families of stingrays amongst its midst. Here you can stop by and feed the stingrays and swim with them, maybe even finally forgive them for Steve Irwin’s death. The stingrays are comfortable being fed by tourists so you can make a family event out of it and acquaint your kids with these glorious yet shy creatures. But if it is adventure you are looking for, you can also choose to go for possibly the best diving experience in the Caribbean and simply sit with them on the shimmering ocean floor.

  • Explore the Pitons

For all the fantastic adventures that must have awaited you on the trails of the aforementioned places, if you are still craving for an adrenaline rush, there is no better way to quench it than going on the daring hike up Gros Piton. The Pitons of St Lucia may be one of Caribbean’s most iconic places but the view that awaits you atop the seven hundred and eighty six metre climb up the Gros Piton, the only sanctioned hiking trail by the government, rivals its beauty with its picturesque tapestry of many hued St Lucia that it offers up to you. Once you check this off your bucket list, there is really no going back. The Caribbean will have nestled right into your heart and made its place there forever.

For anyone who has not visited the Caribbean before, the experience might come as something of a shock but at a delightful one at that. We would only ask that you do your research and make a list of things you want to do and places you want to visit when you are here. But even if you check everything off of your bucket list, the Caribbean will still have surprises in store the next time you visit, from flavours that make your tongue dance to music that the islands groove to and shimmering turquoise waters that lap at your toes. Because no matter how far you go, once you fall in love with the Caribbean, there really is no going back.

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