Three great family campsites in France

France is known for its romantic getaways filled with twinkling lights, iconic landmarks, and plenty of wine and cheese. But there are also plenty of family-friendly activities to be found as well. In fact, one timeless outing that is hugely popular for families in France is camping. Many European parents take their children to spend some quality time outdoors in the summer sun in France. This summer staple has become a great family bonding experience for citizens from numerous different countries and continents.

As with any type of travel, though, there are certain complications that could occur; ensure that you’ve packed the proper clothing for unexpected weather, brought emergency equipment along, and that you have your necessary documents if you’re traveling in from outside of France. This is especially important when traveling with kids. In addition to passport requirements for minors, make sure you check out if there are any visa requirements, and if you need to bring a birth certificate for your kids. If you’ve planned your trip and are running out of time to secure visas, then check out services like Favisbook appointments to see if you can get a meeting with the French consulate in your area as soon as possible. 

Once you’ve decided to take your family on a one-of-a-kind camping tri, consider these 3 amazing French campsites that will provide memories your children will never forget!

Family campsites in France:

Le Village Parisien

This campsite is open to families from April to September and has so much to do that is all included in the price. The camp is located really close to Paris, allowing you to have a day trip, without paying a fortune for accommodation in the capital! That also means it’s a reasonable distance to Disneyland Paris, so you can always get an adrenaline rush there, too!

Family campsites in France have so many activities for adults and kids that you’d find it hard to get bored. There’s also a range of accommodation options, so this isn’t like camping in the wilds of the forests. Here you can find whatever type of home away from home you’re looking for, whether that’s a VIP experience, or something a bit more rustic.

You can play any number of sports on the sports grounds, and swim indoors or outdoors, have a BBQ, cook for yourself in your accommodation or grab a bite in the bar. You don’t have to hunt and forage for your meals… unless you want to!

Ty Nadan, Brittany

Brittany has so many beautiful beaches that it’s worthwhile visiting regardless of whether you decide to camp or not. However, this campsite is particularly great if you have older kids, who are looking for a bit more adventure. The campsite itself is right by the river, while the beaches are only 20 minutes away.

The campsite has stuff happening all the time, day and night, so you won’t have to worry about your kids complaining about being bored! There’s an outdoor pool with water slides, beautiful scenic walks and basketball tournaments running all the time. Of course, for older or more adventurous children, there’s archery, paintballing and kayaking.

No matter what you’re interested in, Ty Nadan campsite will probably have something for you to enjoy. Even if you just want to sit back and relax, or maybe have a few chats, then you can rest easy knowing your kids are off having the time of their lives! This is camping, but not as you know it.

Les Méditerranées Beach Garden, Languedoc

The Languedoc region of France is absolutely stunning and is always guaranteed to have great weather during the summer months as it borders with Spain. The main city of the region is called Montpellier, which is a perfect combination of historic and modern.

This campsite is perfect for a great vacation, where you can sit back and relax on the beach, or explore the town of Montpellier to sample a slice of life from the South of France. For families, the accommodation is spacious enough that siblings shouldn’t fit, and the air conditioning makes it super comfortable no matter how hot it gets in the sun.

There’s a variety of restaurants and bars in the complex, along with an onsite spa, where you can really relax and unwind with a holistic treatment or a massage. Camping is such a welcome change to poolside hotels or city breaks, making it a great compromise for everyone!