Things to consider when planning a kid-friendly family reunion

Family reunions are great ways for families to come together and reconnect. It allows you to spend time with family members that you haven’t seen in a long time, and it allows you to meet, and get to know new members of the family. The important thing to remember about family reunions is that, just because you may not see or speak to each other everyday, that doesn’t mean that the love isn’t there.

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Planning a kid-friendly family reunion:

Typically when it comes to planning family reunions, the older generations do all the planning. They know more about the family’s history, where everyone lives, and how to get in touch with everyone. Once they hit a certain age, where they are no longer able to plan it, they pass the family reunion planning torch on down to the next generation.

In passing that torch, they will give you all the resources and information you need to follow in their footsteps, and will help guide you along the way. One thing they teach about planning a family reunion, is that you have to be mindful of everyone in attendance.

Those specific age groups are children and seniors. When traveling with seniors, you want to make sure they are comfortable, that they have entertainment they can enjoy, according to their age, and you also want to make sure they have services accommodating to their capabilities (ramps, handicap parking, wheelchair accessible seating, etc.).

With children, you definitely have to make sure they are accommodated, so you want to pick a family reunion location that will meet their needs. New York is a great place to plan a family reunion! There’s already so much to do there, for adults, but have you checked out the attractions for kids! It’s unbelievable!

If you happen to be the next person in line to plan the next family reunion, and you know that kids will definitely be in attendance, then here are the top two things to consider during your planning process, when kids are involved.

Kid-Friendly Attractions

When looking into taking a trip somewhere, one of the first things you look into is the attractions that location offers. With most family reunions having kids of wide age groups, you want to find attractions that accommodate all those age groups.

For added comfort, your entire family can ride together with amenities like bathrooms,  to these New York attractions that will surely be enjoyed by all ages:

  • Bronx Zoo: The Bronx Zoo is great fun for the kids, and the kids at heart! The world’s largest urban zoo give visitors the opportunity to see over 600 species from all over the world. You and the kids can expect to see exoctic birds, reptiles, animals, and insects from the realms of Africa, Asia, and the United States!
  • Coney Island: This is an attraction great for ALL ages, not just the kids! Live music, roller coasters, shops, and the beach are all things you will experience at this island of fun. The great thing about Coney Island is that it’s open year round, so no matter when you plan your family reunion, you can definitely experience this historic landmark!

Kid-Friendly Hotels

When planning lodging for your family’s reunion, make sure the resort or hotel has fun activities for kids. Lots of times, these kid-friendly hotels will have family scavenger hunts, arts and crafts at certain times, and of course, the pools!

You of course can go to adults-only type of hotels for alone time with your spouse, or even just for a girls weekend, but when it comes to a family reunion, it’s not just about you, and the things you want to experience. A lot of the things you enjoy as an adult, kids won’t enjoy, or aren’t old enough to enjoy, so during your planning process, it’s important to keep that aspect in mind.

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