The Varsity Restaurant


61 North Ave NW
Atlanta, GA

Make sure you’re hungry for a meal while cruising through Atlanta on I-75, because you’re going to want to stop at The Varsity. According to a member of’s Transportation board, it’s a must: To say they serve burgers and chili dogs is unfair. It’s indescribable.

You’ll find burgers, hot dogs, and chili at The Varsity, but according to most reviews, it’s the hand-cut fries, onion rings, and fried pies that are to die for. What? I never said it was healthy! It’s also the world’s largest drive-in. You know you’ve got to see that!

Distance off the interstate: Just a few minutes. Oh, and there’s free parking, even though it’s downtown Atlanta.

Fun Fact: Over the years (the restaurant has been in operation since the 1920’s), Varsity staff has developed their own jargon when calling out orders. So that you and your kids can also have this inside scoop, they now list items on their menu in both the conventional and jargon references.

From the Varsity website:

Hot Dog: Hot dog with chili and mustard
Heavy Weight: Hot dog with extra chili
Naked Dog: Plain hot dog on a bun
MK Dog: Naked dog with mustard and ketchup
Regular C Dog: Hot dog with ketchup
Red Dog: Naked dog with Ketchup
Yellow Dog: Naked dog with mustard
Yankee Dog: Plain dog with mustard
Walk a Dog (or a steak): Hot dog (or steak) to go
Steak: Hamburger with ketchup, mustard and pickle
Chili Steak: Hamburger with chili
Glorified Steak: Hamburger with mayo, lettuce and tomato
Mary Brown Steak (or dog): Hamburger (or dog) with no bun
Naked Steak: A plain steak
Varsity Orange: The original carbonated orange soda.
Squirt One: A Varsity Orange
N.I. Orange: Varsity Orange with no ice
F.O.: Frosted Varsity Orange
Joe-ree: Coffee with cream
P.C.: Plain chocolate milk always served with ice
N.I.P.C.: Chocolate milk with no ice
All the Way: With onions – Can be a hot dog, chili, steak, etc
Bag of Rags: Potato Chips
Ring One: Order of Onion Rings
Strings: An order of French fries
Sideways: Onions on the side

Tip: Cash only!

Directions: Right off the exit at mile 250 of I-75.
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