The top UK cities worth visiting in 2020 and beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic might have thrown a spanner in the works when it comes to going on holiday this summer (and even into the fall), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start using that extra time we have on our hands preparing for our next big adventure once things have hopefully normalized. 


Is the UK on your radar? Well, you’re in luck, we’ve compiled a short list of a few different UK cities that are worth visiting in the near (and likely far!) future. Of course, London made the list, but there are also two that you might not have thought of, that could be even better…


A huge metropolis that accounts for almost nine million of the country’s population, London is a city that you almost certainly can’t get across and see everything in within one or two days. If it’s your first time visiting, our suggestion would be to prioritise what you’re interested in and plan it out before hand, so that you don’t find yourself dawdling around and wasting precious time

That’s not to say that dawdling is a bad thing, of course, particularly in a lovely city like London. If that’s something that you’d like to do then perhaps look into an open top bus tour rather than the tube, as this will take you around all the different points of interest, allowing you to jump off at every turn for some pictures or retail therapy.


An up and coming, influential northern city in terms of investment, development and regeneration, and an already established and world-renowned one in terms of culture, Liverpool is an area of the UK that’s firing on all cylinders at the moment, and it’s extremely exciting to be a part of. With Liverpool F.C both the Champions of Europe and Premier League winners, their achievements will drive many football fans to want to visit the illustrious Anfield ground, and the boom going on in the city’s digitally focused Baltic Triangle sector is a huge draw for those wanting a trendy, ‘Shoreditch’-like area to go out in.

Of course, this guide is going to be for those that are planning their trip for the future, and Liverpool is set to continue soaring in influence across its different sectors. Check out some of the guides to the city and its property investment opportunities written by local investment company RWinvest for more information, or even go online and see for yourself how the city has grown over the past few years. Exciting stuff!


Known as the ‘UK’s second capital’ by many people and a suitable northern alternative to London for those perhaps wanting something different (or visiting the UK for the second time), Manchester is another thriving northern area, and one that’s close enough to Liverpool where you could very much do both cities in one trip and kill two birds with one stone.

Again, the city’s globally-recognised football teams attract a lot of attention, and the city also has an abundance of other exciting attractions, such as its art galleries, retail outlets, and thriving music, bar and nightlife scene. It has its huge young and student population to thank for this!

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