The Dr. Pepper Museum

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Texans are very proud of their Dr. Pepper. It’s a legendary soda, created in a small Texas town called Waco. Open to the public, one can learn all about its famous history at the Dr Pepper Museum.


Dr Pepper was created in 1885 in Morrison’s Old Country Store in Waco, Texas by a pharmacist, and no, his name was not Dr. Pepper. It was Charles Alderton and he made it out of 23 unique flavors. What are they? The museum never tells, as it is supposed to be a secret. However, my little friend Google shared with me that some of the 23 flavors are vanilla, black licorice, carrot, rum, and yes, pepper. Most people think that it has prune juice in it…nope, not a drop!

And why was it named Dr Pepper? They are a lot of rumors out there that involve young love of a girl with the last name of Pepper, but none have been proven. As the museum says, “we don’t know the true origin of the name; Mr. Morrison came up with it and it stuck.”

This great little museum is proud to have one of the world’s largest collections of soda pop memorabilia, including the original drugstore countertop where Mr. Alderton created Dr Pepper, the history of the bottling plant, and actually shows the deep well where the water was brought up to make the original Dr. Pepper. Adults and children alike can easily spend a fun hour here, and the best part? Getting a taste of the “original” Dr. Pepper in the downstairs Soda Shop!

Closest interstate: Interstate 35, in Waco, Texas.

Cost of admission: Adults are $8.00, students and children are $4.00.

hours: Mon-Sat (10 am – 4:15 pm), Sun (12 pm – 4:15 pm)

Dining: None.

Driving directions: Take I-35 into Waco and exit 4th and 5th Streets exit. Turn west on 4th street. Go to Mary Ave. Turn left on Mary. The museum is on the corner of 5th & Mary.

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