The best foods during your visit to Corfu Greece

Whenever you visit a place, the best thing to explore its culture and tradition is to find the authentic cuisine over there. While you are in Corfu, you should do the same. You can choose Corfu Villas for rent to make your living luxurious, but when it comes to food, you should try the multi-cuisine restaurants, as well as the beach shacks and the cafeterias. Now, being a part of Greece, it is obvious that you will get Greek cuisine over there. But, the coastal areas have own flavor and taste. And that you can get enough in the cuisine of Corfu.

The best foods you can enjoy during your visit at Corfu:

As Corfu was under the colonial impression of the British, Italian and French for a longer period, the food of the island has the influence of these cuisines. To be specific, the actual Corfu cuisine is the perfect blend of the Mediterranean, the Western European and the Middle East delicacies. So, if you are planning to visit Corfu now, you can take a look at the best cuisines of the island.


As you know, Corfu recipes are an amalgamation of lots of other cultures. This dish originally comes from Venetian Cuisine as the island was under its rule for a longer time. This amazing dish is prepared with Corfiot pasta and beef, veel, fish or rooster. Like any other Italian cuisine, tomato sauce is used in plenty. But, the unique taste is brought from the Corfiot pasta and the twist comes from cloves, bay leaves and cinnamon which are uncommon in Italian cuisine.


If you like a spicy dish, this is the one you can find in Corfu to celebrate your trip. This is a spicy fish dish that is made only with fresh fish. Usually, the locals use stonefish or scorpion fish, but it can be made with any other types of fish. In this dish, lots of spicy tomato sauce and red spices are used. This dish is another Venetian delicacy with Corfu touch.


If you want to taste authentic and traditional Corfu dish, this is the one you should try now. Though the name of the dish comes from the Italian word ‘Fritto’ (fried), it has the Corfu origin vivid in it. This is basically the large pieces of veel, dipped in flour and deep fry in oil. Serve it with tart sauce, loaded with garlic and tomato. You can have it with rice or mashed potato. Once you are in Corfu, you should not miss tasting the dish.

Chicken Tserepa

Here, tserepa is a kind of clay vessel which has been used in Corfu from ancient time and it is used for slow cooking. In this special dish, chicken is marinated with lots of spices, like oregano, salt, garlic, pepper, and olive oil and kept overnight. In the next morning, it is cooked in tserepa with lemon juice, tomato sauce, and potatoes. How does it taste? You never tasted such spicy and juicy chicken ever!

Kefalonia Meat Pie

As Corfu is a part of Ionian Islands, it has the flavor of the place in its cuisine. This special type of meat pie is really awesome. Cooked with lots of vegetables and spices, this meat pie is favorite among the locals and you can also taste the amazing dish over there.

Fish Bianco

You can call it one of the staple foods of Corfu Island. Basically, fish is cooked in olive oil and garlic and served with white wine and boiled potatoes. Usually, this dish is prepared with Seabass, a special type of fish. Whenever there is any festival in Corfu, this is the one dish that will always be served.


If you are already thinking Corfu has only non-veg foods and there is nothing for vegetarians, and if you are about to cancel your trip, hold on and know about this amazing veg recipe. Zorka is actually a kind of veg pie where lots of zucchini, tomatoes, sprouts with other vegetables are used. The pie tastes smooth from inside while the crust is made of rice or rolled oats that give a crunchy taste to the dish. With so many veggies and herbs, this dish is really a delight to your taste buds.

Pork Dolcegarbo

Though it is a Corfiot delicacy, you can find this dish anywhere around Greece. The name says the main ingredient of the dish. Yes, this dish is prepared with pork where the meat is slowly cooked in white wine with lots of herbs, like rosemary and onion and other spices. Often, the dish is served with mashed potatoes or rice or polenta.

Kumquat Drink

Besides your main course dinner or lunch, you will need some refreshing beverages, right? While you are in Corfu, you can’t think of anything else than kumquat liquor. Kumquat is a citrus fruit that is mainly used to produce fresh liquor with a beautiful aroma. Besides, it is also used in making syrup or baking cakes.


And to end this amazing list of Corfiot cuisine, this is the dessert for you. This Greece dessert is kind of sweet snacks that you can have to change your taste. Once you have a bite, the creamy custard filling will feel your mouth and you will feel heavenly.

So, here are the best foods that you can have once you are in Corfu. Knowing a place gets better when you taste the local cuisine of that place. So, if you want to get accustomed to the culture of Corfu, this is the best time to have these foods.

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