The best countries for family vacations: where to go now

The best gift every parent can gift to his child is the ability to travel. But to travel anywhere without much of the thought giving is not really considered being an excellent way to do it. To gift your children all the best, you should, at least, try to consider visiting these countries I am going to mention below.


The team behind the Travel Ticker helped me to find these countries, and I can’t wait to share the list with you. All of them are truly amazing, and just perfect for a fun, educational and pleasant family vacation!

Greece – for better history knowledge

This is nothing surprising – Greece is the mother of the whole western culture. From architectural to philosophical traditional and Greek mythology – everything originated in this amazing country thousands of years ago. So logically, the best place to learn all about what Greeks gave to us is in Greece!

The best destinations to visit with children definitely can be in Athens, the historical center of the whole civilization, also Crete and Rhode Island’s too. In Greece, you can even get into a tour about Troy war and visit all the exact places ancient Greek consider being holy. For example – a birthplace of the love goddess Aphrodite!

Tip: Hostel Bay Greek island hopping ferry routes are a great way to visit the Greek islands.

Belize – for the chance to meet exotic animals

Belize, a small country in the Caribbean should also be worth considering if you want to travel somewhere not that far away and full of interesting activities you can do with kids. The island is pretty isolated, so wanderings around here won’t be interrupted by tons of cars. And that also means that here you won’t meet millions of tourists too – so it can be a perfect place for relaxing and pleasant vacations with children for sure.

Kids here can meet real exotic animals like monkeys, crocodiles or turtles and have a blast while diving, snorkeling or just biking around this small country. Just don’t forget to apply the sun cream because you are definitely going to spend your whole time outdoors!


Bali – for another chance to meet animals and amazing local culture

Bali, a tropical paradise, can also be an amazing holiday destination for families of any size and age. Many hotels even offer special packages with events to entertain the little ones while you can enjoy yourself somewhere light and warm.

Kids here can also enjoy surfing, hiking, museum seeing, biking, sailing, animal visiting, elephant safari-ing, water slide riding or just hanging on the beach building castles. In Bali, you can also visit some traditional festivals and celebrations which all welcome kids too. So, Bali really has it all to make a perfect time with your family!

Japan – for unusual and exotic culture

As foreign visitors to Japan know, sometimes the locals will keep their distance. But not so when you are traveling with babies or children! In fact, everywhere you are going to visit you will always hear a silly Japanese word “kawaii” which literally means “cute!” And that always means friendly locals and a great place to be, am I right?

Traveling with children can also open some doors for you. It can be easier to negotiate the price in markets or even to hunt geishas in Kyoto to take some pictures with you. Every Japanese person will love to come by and check out your cute baby for sure. And that will actually erase the borders and let you experience a bit of the real Japan easier.

Netherlands – for active fun

And finally, Netherland should get an honorable fifth place in this list too, since this amazing country is super family and kids’ friendly. Filled with kid-friendly food such as French fries and pancakes, tons of kids’ parks and museums specially made for children to be able to touch and fell it is a real dream come true! You can really say, that both the capital Amsterdam and the whole country is just one giant playground for your little ones.

If that is not enough for you, then I can also add the fact, that here renting a bike and biking throughout the city and the whole country if you wish, is a piece of cake. Netherlands government really worked hard to develop one of the best bicycles infrastructures in the world, and it would be a sin not to try that out with kids too!