How to teach kids the joys of fishing (and plan a fishing trip)

Fishing is an easy and relaxing activity that’s easy for children to learn and gets them outside to enjoy nature. If you’re interested in learning how to teach your children the joys of fishing, discover some helpful tips and advice for making memories and new experiences for you and your children.

how to teach kids the joy of fishing

Foster an Interest in Fish First

Before you take your children out for their first fishing trip, help them learn more about water and fish by taking them to the beach, aquarium, or nature center. Being able to learn about where fish live and how they survive will help foster children’s natural curiosity. When you feel like your children are able to handle a day on the water, you can use what they’ve already learned to make the fishing trip more enjoyable for everyone.

Fish in Well-Stocked Water

Any experienced angler can tell you that fishing has much downtime when you’re simply waiting for the fish to bite. For adults, this time is usually relaxing, but for young children, this time can try their patience. While you can use the experience to teach them about patience, you also want them to enjoy a reward for their efforts. When you start out by fishing in well-stocked ponds or lakes, you lessen the chances of leaving empty-handed.

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Get Equipment Appropriate for Children

Fishing rods made for adults are too big and heavy for children to handle. Instead, you’ll want to buy equipment made specifically with their size in mind. Read more here about choosing the best fishing pole. Even with the right equipment, children won’t be able to cast the line on their own at first. Either cast it for them and then hand them their rods or place sinkers on their lines and let them drop the sinkers directly in the water.

Additionally, consider using a small piece of rope to tie the fishing rod to the boat or dock. If they accidentally drop their rods, the rods won’t end up at the bottom of the water.

Try a Fishing Charter

As your children start to learn the joys of fishing, you can add some extra adventure and make great memories together by booking a fishing charter. Your captain will typically know the waters well and can take you to places where you’ll increase your likelihood of a catch. Additionally, most fishing charters also offer bait, tackle, and fishing licenses; all you and your children have to worry about is having a good time.

Watch the Weather and Time

When you decide on taking a fishing day, make sure the weather is perfect. If the weather for the day will be windy, rainy, cold, or very hot, consider postponing the trip to another day. Additionally, you want to keep your children’s first few fishing trips short. Most young children can handle only one or two hours at a time.

Help your children learn more about the outdoors by teaching them the joys of fishing. With the tips presented above, you and your children will make wonderful memories as you enjoy fishing together.

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