Dog friendly travel: Four tips when traveling with dogs

John is the founder of Perfect Dog Breeds a magazine focused on helping match dog-parents and dog breeds. Whether you have a long road trip planned or you’re just popping to see your aunt there are certain things to think about before you load Fido into that SUV.  Dog friendly travel is natural and easy for many pets, but there are times when dogs can get unsettled and stressed. We have put … [Read more...]

Travel with a cat? What to take with you

Travel with a cat? Yes, you can! If you are going to arrange a trip in your furry friend's company, it is worth taking some essentials to help your cat feel comfortable and stay safe.  Even though dogs are believed to be better travel buddies, cat owners don't want to deprive themselves of a chance to share new experiences with their fluffy friends. Today we see a great tendency that most … [Read more...]

Five pet-friendly road trip ideas

If you’re planning a road trip with the kids, you won’t want to leave your furry family members behind! It just wouldn’t be a vacation without them. Yet just like travelling with the little ones, a bit of advance planning can make a world of difference once you’re on the road. To get started, you’ll want to choose road trip destinations that are ideal for both kids and pets. Here are five of the … [Read more...]

Auto Travel with your Pets: 10 approaches for safety and security

We can all agree that pets are part of the family for most people. They are always there curled up or trotting next to us when taking morning walks. They greet us happily in the morning or when we get back home at the end of a long work workday. That’s why when a holiday season approaches, we can’t bear the thought of leaving them behind. It can be stressful for many pet owners to travel with them … [Read more...]

Tips for traveling with pets

Plenty of families will be hitting the road with Fido this summer. We get it: our dogs are part of our family, too! If you're planning to bring your dog (or even cat) on your family vacation, we have tips for traveling with pets! Tips for traveling with pets by plane: In general, we recommend traveling with pets by plane only when you have to, such as during a long-distance move. This is … [Read more...]