Back-to-School family travel ideas

If you're lucky, you may have time for one more family vacation weekend before the kids have to hit the books. Ease into fall with these back-to-school family travel ideas, and if you can't travel, use our Little Passports promo code to keep the love … [Read more...]

Paris on tight purse strings: budget travel from London to Paris

The following is a guest post on European travel. Paris is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe but it is also one of the most expensive. Most capital cities have premium prices for everything from accommodation to food … [Read more...]

Product review: Little Passports

We're always on the lookout for educational products that teach kids about global destinations and cultures in a fun way. When we can't travel the globe or the US, the next best thing is to learn about new places from home! Enter Little … [Read more...]

Vacation clubs and timeshare rentals: right for your family?

We just got back from four days on Disney World property, which meant we heard a lot about the Disney Vacation Club. Everywhere we turned, it seemed, Disney was advertising about the merits of their timeshare rentals  program. Is it a good a deal as … [Read more...]

Best family travel tour operators: what to look for

When deciding whether to spend vacation dollars on international family travel tour operators (or how much), it comes down to matching the correct operator to your family's needs. Are you looking for a full-service provider, or not much more than a … [Read more...]

5 Western mountain lodges for family summer stays

We love mountain lodges! Whether your family enjoys hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or just swimming in a cool mountain lake, a stay at one of the following Western mountain lodges for families will provide much needed summer time R&R. 1. … [Read more...]

Book Review of The World’s Cheapest Destinations: 21 Countries Where Your Money is Worth a Fortune

Approximately 90 percent of content on Pit Stops for Kids is U.S. and Canadian-based, written to help families find the best destinations, tips, and experiences in North America. We consider ourselves experts in domestic road trip and outdoor travel, … [Read more...]

Open letter to the airline industry

Dear Airline Industry, I know you're hurting. I know money is tight these days (trust me), and I know new ways of 'packaging' airfare is required in this economy. I also know that I'd like to ride out the turbulence of these tough times with you. … [Read more...]

How to prepare for a Disney cruise

At Pit Stops for Kids, we cover all modes of family travel. However, there's one major category of family travel we've neglected (until now): family cruising. On March 26th, the Pit Stops kids and I will be embarking upon the brand new ship in the … [Read more...]