Travel gear we use: packing cubes and TSA bags for the family

Today in our Travel Gear We Use series, we're talking about using packing cubes to make family packing easy! Below are the packing cubes we use for every trip, as well as the carry-on liquid quart bag we recommend. Many families consider packing cubes just for air travel, but we use them every time we pack. Most recently, packing cubes made our lives easier en route to a Lake Tahoe vacation … [Read more...]

New travel gear: Tuo Travel Undergarment Organizer

We love using packing cubes. I'm a huge believer in organized luggage, with everything in its place. It saves parents time and sanity when on vacation with kids. This is why I'm excited to introduce a brand new packing solution: the Tuo Travel Undergarment Organizer. This innovative product is still in Kickstarter, with pre-orders accepted. The Tuo will retail for $60, but backers get a great … [Read more...]