Spain with kids: What not to miss in Seville

Seville is a region in Spain that has something for just about anybody. From the great Catholic and Moorish monuments and buildings to the iconic historic bullring, delicious tapas bars and enchanting old towns and neighborhoods plus giant wooden mushrooms, the Andalusian capital has plenty for any tourist to enjoy. If you’re considering visiting Seville, read on for some of the most gorgeous sights that will surely make you want to visit as soon as possible. 

The Most Gorgeous Sights That Will Make You Want to Visit Seville:

Royal Alcazar Palace:

Alongside the famous cathedral, the Royal Alcazar Palace is the key architectural attraction in Seville and it’s been around since work began on it all the way back in the tenth century, when a Moorish fortress was built attached to the Roman city walls by the Umayyads. But, it wasn’t until two centuries later when the first royal palace was constructed on the site by the Almohad Dynasty who ruled at the time. The palace was renovated and added to all the way until the 19th century. Today it is a gorgeous combination of Moorish, Mudejar and Renaissance architecture and the oldest continually used palace in Europe. Make sure to include the palace if you’re using this customized trip planner for your Seville itinerary. 

The Cathedral:

The greatest Catholic monument in Seville; you’ll be in awe at the sheer size of the cathedral. It is the largest Gothic building in the world and houses eighty chapels along with Spain’s longest central nave. Work began in the 1400’s on this former mosque site and continued for over one hundred years. The cathedral was finally completed in 1507 and certainly achieved the design team’s goal of creating something so magnificent and beautiful that anyone who sees it ‘will think we are mad’. If you’re visiting Spain and want to make sure that you see this cathedral before you leave, why not get from Malaga to Seville by high-speed train?

Casa de Pilatos:

One of the many hidden treasures in Seville, this stunning 15-16th century mansion comes complete with beautifully exquisite gardens that match everything you can see in the Alcazar but on a smaller scale. Begun in the late 1400’s by the then Mayor of Andalucia, it’s one of the major Mudejar structures in the region and is built around a central courtyard in traditional Andalusian style. And the amazing scenery at this palace has earned it starring movie roles – you will see it in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Knight and Day (2010). 


The Real Maestranza bullring is one of the most important and attractive plazas in the entire country. It was built in 1761 on the city’s old rectangular plaza de toros site with construction taking over one hundred years. The main entrance, known as the Prince’s Gate, is a particularly attractive feature of the bullring, along with the ornate black iron gates which once belonged to a convent. For matadors, being carried through these gates on the shoulders of the public and fellow matadors is a symbol of great triumph and one of the highest honors attainable. For tourists, the excellent museum is a must-visit if you want to learn all about the rich history of bullfighting. 

Maria Luisa Park:

In 1929, the southern part of Seville was in need of a costly facelift in order to prepare to host the Iberian-American Expo, and the Maria Luisa Park was at the center of this redevelopment. Today it is a stunning botanical garden that’s proudly the largest, most attractive green area in the region. If you’re visiting in the spring or summer it’s a gorgeous place to stroll with many beautiful species of plants in bloom. 

These are just some of the most stunning must-see attractions for anybody visiting Seville.