Snow day activities that get kids and adults outside

It’s easy to succumb to cabin fever during our long Canadian winters. Most of us probably don’t get outside as much as we would like to in the winter months, which is unfortunate because winter offers a host of fun activities that are perfect for the whole family. Not only are winter activities fun, but they are a great way to make sure your children stay active and healthy. So when the snow starts to fall, grab your scarf and mittens and head outside to enjoy any of these fun snow day activities.

Nate pauses for a photo op while sculpting his fort!

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are certainly one of the most popular winter activities around. Having a vehicle┬áin Canada, is a great — and sometimes the only — way to get to and from some of our country’s excellent ski destinations.

Most ski resorts offer ski and snowboard classes and bunny hills that are perfect for children and families. But don’t assume that you need a hill to ski. Cross-country skiing may not be as popular as its downhill counterpart, but it is a fun way to spend the day together and enjoy the great outdoors. Furthermore, it offers a gentler pace for the little ones or for those who prefer the tranquility of nature over the adrenaline rush of downhill skiing.

Skating and Hockey

Most towns and cities operate free skating rinks during the winter months. The ice rink at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square has long been a huge draw for families throughout southern Ontario, but there are plenty of other (and less crowded ones) in towns and backyards throughout the country. For many, of course, the best skating is not to be found at an ice rink, but the old fashioned way by enjoying skating and a game of hockey on a frozen pond.

Alternatively, Arrowhead Provincial Park’s ice skating trail may be one of the most unique skating experiences available. This frozen trail takes families on a skating journey through one of Ontario’s most scenic natural parks.


Sledding and Tubing

It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s a great way to keep kids (and adults!) happy and healthy during the winter months. From toboggans to magic carpets, there are plenty of ways to sled down a hill and all of them are a blast for children. Because it is so much fun, kids hardly even realize how much exercise they are getting dragging their sleds back up the hill after each run.

Of course, be sure to only choose a hill that is safe and legal to sled down. Similarly, you can also take your family to a snow tubing park, which provides for even more thrills. Linking the tubes and going down the hill together is especially popular with kids.

Winter may be cold and snowy, but that is no excuse to stay indoors. Instead of spending countless hours watching television or playing video games, do something this winter that will get the whole family healthy and active. There are countless snow day activities that are bound to make this winter one your family will remember for years to come.

Victoria Edge is an advocate for getting kids (and parents!) outdoors and away from screens and technology. Saying this, she does enjoy blogging in her down time. Her articles can be found on a growing number of parenting, lifestyle and travel blogs.