Ski trip planning hack: Using GetOutfitted to rent ski wear

Ski and snowboard wear is expensive–very expensive, in fact–and for some families, the cost to outfit everyone for one or two ski trips per season is simply not worth it. Our family skis much more often than that, but with the rate my teens are growing, I never know what will still fit them, even from month to month! Enter an interesting solution: GetOutfitted.

What is GetOutfitted?

It’s a new service that rents outer wear, plus ski gear ranging from ski packages to Go Pros. You select the items you need online, picking your jacket and snow pants a la carte based on the styles you like, or selecting a pre-determined package. I’m very familiar with the latest outdoor wear brands, and they’re all here. Once you’ve made your selections, you input your vacation dates and destination, and GetOutfitted will FedEx your ski wear directly to your hotel, condo, or vacation home. If you opt to rent skis and/or snowboards, too, they’ll be delivered to your door via a local ski rental partner. When you’re done with you vacation, you just put the ski wear in their pre-paid, included package and drop it off at any USPS mail center. You get free shipping both ways.

What can I get?


Premium outerwear packages for women or men include a top-brand jacket, pants, gloves, and googles and rent for approximately $45/day. Standard packages include the same items, with slightly less trendy brands, and cost $30/day. Kids’ packages are $18/day, which is a true deal. As mentioned, you can also shop a la carte, plus can add base layers and socks, which you buy instead of rent. If you don’t have base layers, we highly recommend getting them. They’re listed for approximately the same prices you’ll pay anywhere else.

In the ski gear category, you can rent full ski or snowboard rental packages, starting at just $25/day for adults and $15/day for kids. Rental packages come with helmets as an optional addition (recommended). All ski wear and gear has a three-day minimum rental period outside of Colorado Rockies resorts.

Where is it offered?

Just about everywhere you might go for a destination ski vacation. The company is based on Colorado, but we used the service for a ski trip to Lake Tahoe, California.

Our experience with GetOutfitted, start to finish:

We didn’t need to rent full outerwear packages from GetOutfitted, which is the most affordable way to do it. We still got a good value, however, renting pants for our Pit Stops for Kids’ dad. His pants were $48/3 days. Buying him a pair of pants for the trip would cost $150 at the minimum, assuming we found a good deal on quality pants, and buying the exact pants he rented would have been $299.

getoutfitted ski gear

Pit Stops for Kids’ dad in GetOutfitted ski pants.

While we were renting pants, we decided it would be fun to rent a Go Pro for the teens to use on the mountain. Merry Christmas to them! The Go Pro rented for $40/3 days, and the chest mount to wear it cost $12/3 days. Is this $52 critical to our ski trip? No, of course not. But it’s a vast savings on buying action camera equipment we’ll only use occasionally, and the kids really loved it.

While on the site, I initiated a chat with a GetOutfitted expert, who answered my questions promptly. What I asked: ‘Can I reserve for fewer than three days?’ and ‘Do you rent helmets’. The latter is not obvious until you select the ski resort or town you’ll be visiting, which pairs you with a local rental company. When I placed items in my shopping cart, I selected the exact dates of rental, and when I checked out, I entered our vacation rental home address. The ski wear and gear were sent directly to our rental.

When we arrived at our vacation rental, the box from GetOutfitted was waiting for us by the front door. Inside, we found the ski pants and Go Pro, plus a large, prepaid return envelope. Included with the Go Pro was a set of instructions, which, combined with a Google search for the Go Pro website, proved adequate for figuring it all out. We were provided with a memory card, USB cable, and the chest mount equipment (which we paid for), plus a few more mounts, which we could use to mount the Go Pro onto our helmets (after buying disposable adhesive mount stickers, which are found at any ski gear store at most ski resorts).


The kids had fun taking video on the mountain, which we downloaded to our computer at the vacation home (use the USB cable). You’ll want to make sure to download all your videos before returning the Go Pro (or pay a fee for GetOutfitted to download it all for you).

The ski pants worked perfectly, and we returned everything at the end of our trip by dropping off the package at a USPS store. Easy-peasy. To rent your own ski gear, start at and go from there!

We tried out GetOutfitted free of charge, for the purpose of review.