Six photography tips to make the most out of your African safari

An African safari is arguably one of the most exciting tourist activities in the world due to the continent’s scenic landscapes and exotic wildlife. Hence, Africa is usually included on the bucket list of every traveler. If you’re one of the many tourists who plan to take an African safari, one thing that could make your trip more memorable is to capture every moment by taking with you your camera. (Bonus: these tips work for all types of adventure travel!)

Six photography tips that can make your trip unforgettable:

Bring the Ideal Camera:

You could opt for the expensive ones, but seriously, a DSLR would already suffice. This type of camera can already capture stunning safari photos as long as you know how to maximize its features. Additionally, bring interchangeable lenses to optimize the shots. Depending on your subject, the lenses can vary from 24-400 mm, so it’s best to choose your subject matter beforehand.

Use the Composition Technique:

Composition plays an important role in making your photos visually appealing. The most basic law of composition is the rule of thirds. To do this, fully divide the frame into nine equal parts using grids and place your subjects on the intersections. Studies show that the viewer’s eyes will always be drawn towards these areas.

Consider the Lighting:

The best time of the day to take pictures is during sunrise and sunset. While noontime is okay as well, be mindful when focusing on your subject as the sun during this time is more likely to cast strong shadows, making your shots unflattering.

Take Varied Shots:

Africa is not only known for its wildlife but the picturesque landscapes as well so take varied shots. It’s easy to get immersed in a wildlife photography spree knowing that a variety of wild animals are abundant in the area, but you should also take in the sceneries since Africa has one of the most prominent landscapes in the world.

Practice your Timing:

As basic as it sounds, timing is an important skill that you need to master or, at least, get accustomed to. Don’t just solely depend on your camera’s features. Hence, practice on taking moving subjects as often as you can. You can do this at home with your pet, or you can take practice shots while traveling on your way to the safari.

Prepare the Essentials:

A camera alone will not last a day in your African safari. So, be mindful when you’re packing your things. Don’t forget to bring spare batteries and chargers for your camera. Also, an additional memory card won’t hurt your backpack space, so bring an extra. Lastly, the safari can get quite exciting, and it can be a hot and dusty tour. To protect your equipment, bring secured covers and containers to combat the heat of the sun and zip-locks to keep the dust away.


An African safari is one of the most exciting things one could do. To avoid spoiling the fun, use these tips and capture the moment!

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