Six kid-friendly tourist attractions to visit in Pigeon Forge

Travel can be challenging right now. If you decide traveling is right for your family, be sure to social distance, wear masks, and quarantine upon your return.

If you’re ready to hit the road and take your family on an adventurer’s journey, here are six incredible kid-friendly tourist attractions to visit in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

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Ziplining through the Great Smoky Mountains

One of the best adventures your kids can enjoy in Pigeon Forge is a ziplining tour in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The adrenaline rush of swinging above the treetops on a hanging wire is pure exhilaration. Besides the fun and action-packed ziplining experience, your family can also discover the forest’s diverse wildlife, breathtaking streams, and indigenous flowering plants.

Fat Daddy Arcade

Fat Daddy Arcade is the real definition of having fun and building strong family bonds. Packed with all sorts of classical games and fun things like the milk jug toss, dueling basketball hoops, the Clown, Plinko, and more, this one’s always a hit with kids. This event offers you an opportunity to have fun with your family and still win big.

Take a Hike

There is no better way to spend a summer afternoon with the kids than to connect with Mother Nature. The beautiful and welcoming hiking trails provide the best kids adventure and what you need to enjoy a peaceful hike with your loved ones. 

Furthermore, exploring new places and unlocking new experiences is an excellent way to stay active, spend quality time, and bond with your family. With some snacks and drinks, you’re ready to hit the trail and explore the fascinating scenic routes in the Forge area.

Xtreme Racing Center

Your trip to the Forge area isn’t complete without the kids visiting the Xtreme center. The Xtreme center is dedicated to providing tourists with the ultimate Pigeon Forge go-kart excursion with various thrilling course alternatives. The track is also packed with exciting adventures, narrow straightaways, and winding turns. Your children will treasure and appreciate the time spent zooming around the sharp corners of the race tracks and competing for first place forever.

Watch the Island Show Fountain

The Island show fountain is a state-of-the-art presentation that showcases a beautiful water dance and light. The exhibition is carefully choreographed to a stunning fourteen pieces of music. Over 89 vertical nozzles cause movement and six motion-based nozzles also form detailed water sprays that dance to the music.

The Titanic Museum

How about giving your kids a bit of a history lesson? Visiting the Titanic museum is a pure eye-opener. You and your family will learn more about the titanic ship, its crew, and passengers. You will have an opportunity to walk your family through the inside and experience how it felt like to walk the cabins, hallways, grand staircases, and parlors. Visit the memorial room to discover the 2,208 names on the historic wall and let the kids connect with history.

Final word

Road tripping is indeed a one-of-the-kind adventure. Besides unlocking new experiences, road trips can improve family bonds. However, you should be aware of the mishaps that might occur when road tripping with your kids and figure out how to combat them. You may need to carry car spare parts and medicine in case of a car breakdown or if one of your family members gets car sick.