SeaTac layovers are now something to look forward to

Flying with children is an activity that I have dreaded ever since I became a parent. I shiver at merely thinking about my child getting lost at the airport, transferring all the drama at home to the airport and trying in vain to calm down a child who will just not cooperate. What about when a flight we are supposed to be on gets delayed? Well, seems like SeaTac is out to keep both children and parents at ease when they are at the airport. If you have been at the Seattle Tacoma Airport recently, you must have noticed the family-friendly vibe throughout the place. You finally made it to the airport so why not make the most of it?

Special lines for families

In nearly all places where people are required to queue as they wait for their turn to receive service, special treatment is accorded to expectant women and the disabled. Regardless of how long the lines are, nobody objects when such individuals skip the queue. SeaTac also provides special lines but not the usual kind – for families. Travelling with kids below five years of age is a lot of work and such a line surely puts flying into perspective.

Special restrooms for families

It sounds awkward but there are restrooms where you will find families irrespective of their gender. I have found myself in one of these at SeaTac and the sight of moms, dads, kids and their luggage all in one place appears to be a recharge station especially for the adults. These restrooms have been made available at all levels of the airport, so use them.

Are you a nursing mom who just needs privacy feeding their baby? The Mamava nursing suites are there for those who need to feed their infants away from the piercing and judging eyes of the public. You would expect to find the nursing suites packed with moms and babies but daddies feed their babies too.

Special play area for kids

Nothing is more tiring to a parent than having to keep up with the curiosity of children during the indefinite time period before you board a delayed flight. Well, no anymore! Seattle Tacoma airport now has a play area made especially for the kids. Located in the central airport terminal, this is where I will take my kids to burn off that extra energy they seem to have all the time. Never mind that your kids are of various ages – there is an attached family restroom and mothers room to make every child feel accommodated.

Staying at the airport longer than had been anticipated is going to cause children to demand for snacks and bites just to kill the boredom. Many children love the feeling of sweet things melting inside their mouths. I grew up in Kirkland so Lady Yum is a household name for me. I am glad my kids will get to fuel their sweet tooth without going all the way. Still haven’t located Lady Yum? Look across from where Anthony’s Homeport is.

Cool places to eat

When it is time to eat, a child will become impossible to handle. I have seen it in my kids that when they are hungry, they will be irritable, easily provoked and unable to sit still. I find that following a strict eating schedule makes it easier to track how much they eat and keep their energy under control. Time for meals at SeaTac simply means that everybody should head down to the central terminal for a bite. Pallion Pastaria, Cathy Casey’s Dish D’Lish and Qdoba Mexican Grill have a wide selection of quick bites for the whole family. While here, point to the arriving and departing planes to your kids through the massive floor to ceiling windows.

Interesting things to see

Are you up for an art hunt? I don’t know about everyone else but the amount of energy I use to just look up at the art display at the SeaTac airport is extraordinary yet I can help it because one piece is always better than the last. With over 100 art pieces pinned up the walls, you and the kids can get into a hunt for them.

Concerts to kill the boredom

Feeling like a dance bug has just gotten the better of you? You will not have to wait too long because there is a live performance at the airport which happens on a daily basis. If you work up the kids early and you need to get them cheered up for the flight ahead, wait for 9am to enjoy a dance party till 3pm. Oh well, until you board your flight.

Parking is on your terms

You must have driven your car to the airport for convenience and why not when you have children at your heels? The alternative would be to leave the car at home in the parking garage and use the bus (who gets to drag that entire luggage from the bus stop to check-in?) or use taxis (dedicated hired transport is extremely expensive). Parkos, a SeaTac airport parking platform, offers you the freedom to bring your personal vehicle all the way to the airport without being worried about where it will be parked when you leave. You also get to enjoy the low SeaTac parking rates offered.

The platform offers parking lot comparison services for facilities around and in the airport. Depending on your parking needs, any of the flexible parking packages will suit you. With Parkos, parking is not parking until it has been inspected for standards compliance. Besides, there is provision for cancellation provided that it happens 24 hours before your flight takes off. Do you prefer Valet parking or self-parking? Pick your choice from Parkos online.

Stations for phone recharging

Quite literary, your phone batteries need to be recharged – you have been calling your loved ones to inform them of your travel plans and taking pictures on your drive to the airport. SeaTac now has 350 phone charging stations distributed all through the airport. Take advantage of these booths to not only pack up power in your phone but in the power bank, iPad and even gaming devices that your kids will be using inflight.

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