Rustic Elegance on the Coast at the Iron Springs Resort

Located on the rugged Olympic Peninsula in Washington about 3 hours southwest of Seattle, the Iron Springs Resort is a luxurious but rustic resort that is a perfect way for families to experience true Pacific Northwest elements in total comfort.  Many families who stay here find themselves repeat visitors and it is easy to see how vacationing here could become a family tradition.

Iron Springs Resort

About the Resort:

There are 25 different cabins options, with some that can be combined to sleep up to 20 people and each cabin boasts wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, chairs made from vintage Pendleton blankets and spectacular ocean views.  We stayed in Cabin 12 and had ample room for a family of four and we probably could have fit another family comfortably with us for our stay.  The kitchen was well-stocked with utensils and it was easy to make all of our meals.  A guidebook in the room told us about the area, listed the movies and games available at the General Store and gave us a history of the resort; this thoughtful handbook was a great resource and helped us feel connected to the area.  We also checked out Cabin 15 and it had spectacular views. The woodbin outside the cabin is stocked daily with a fresh supply to burn so we could have a fire burning all day long if we wanted to. It was so relaxing to read while the kids played games on a table in front of a roaring fire.
Iron Springs Resort

The Best Time to Visit:

Although the summer offers warm weather and more chance of sun, October begins clamming season. The timing depends on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife but there are usually guided clam digs available throughout the fall season for families who want to learn how to clam. Storms also sound pretty spectacular to watch from the resort-apparently the waves crash quite close to the cabins.  We experienced some heavy rain when we visited but still felt warm and comfortable by the crackling fire indoors.

What to Bring:

We packed all our food for a two-nights’ stay. Easy meals for a trip like this are tacos or burritos, pasta and sauce, hot dogs and salad, and breakfast items like eggs and toast and oatmeal.  I forgot cheese for our burritos but was able to get some from the General Store which was stocked with many food and beverage items.  You can also buy the resort’s famous cinnamon buns to make in your cabin-we tried them and they were delicious and the aroma from them baking in our oven made the whole place smell heavenly!  There was a charcoal grill on our deck if we wanted to barbecue but we ended up roasting our hot dogs and s’mores over the fire.  We were thankful we packed waterproof pants, rain jackets, rubber boots and sand toys. There is a big creek near the resort that feeds into the ocean and the kids loved splashing in the water in their boots, building sand castles and making dams for hours.  The waterproof clothing helped keep us all dry and the sand toys kept the kids entertained.  Having a 4×4 vehicle is also fun here because you can drive on the beach here too!  Ask at the General Store where the access is, but it’s about a mile up the road.  If you have a dog they are incredibly welcome at this resort too!

About the area:

We thought we might drive to nearby Ocean Shores or Seabrook where there are cafes, stores and restaurants but we were totally content just hanging out at the resort-maybe if we were there for a longer stay.  The only place we ventured to was the Resort’s hike that starts just across the street from the entrance and brought us on a 30-minute jaunt through the woods where we marveled at all the giant trees.

Iron Springs is an amazing relaxing family getaway and we are already talking about coming back with my sister and her family next year.  There is a “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” Special on through October 2016 and cabins average around $219 a night for a family of 4.
About the author: Terumi Pong lives in Seattle with her husband and twin boys. She writes about her daily life which consists of bakeries, coffee, shopping and trying to keep up with her family on crazy adventures at An Emerald City Life
Our contributor was a guest of Iron Springs Resort, for the purpose of review. 
Iron Springs Resort review