Roe Outfitters review: Sunset cruise on Klamath Lake

While visiting the Klamath Basin with your family, absolutely make time for an outdoor adventure trip with Roe Outfitters. Darren Roe and his team are professionals, have been in the business for almost 30 years, and are long-time partners with the Running Y Ranch. Families can book tours directly at the resort (just look for the desk in the lobby) or call Roe Outfitters directly to book a tour.

roe outfitters

Roe offers whitewater rafting on the Klamath and Rogue rivers, fly fishing and birding trips, guided hunting trips, and family excursions that can include kayaking, hiking, rafting, birding, or, in our case, jet boating on Klamath Lake.

The Klamath Lake Cruise offered by Roe is described as a ‘sunset cruise’. Sounds stately and relaxing, right? My kids were worried about this…until we got underway and they became engrossed in the thrill of fast jet boating and high-action thrills. When I suggested to owner Darren Roe that he should rename the cruise the ‘adventure cruise’, he gave the answer that, in my opinion, is the signature of a great tour leader: he adapts this cruise to his guests, and knew our kids wanted something high-energy and high-excitement.

roe outfitters

He was right: my kids (ages 8-14), were all smiles, their attention on Darren, from the moment they stepped onto the boat and were allowed help drive it. They took turns riding on the bow, getting splashed by spray, and hanging on as the jet boat took crazy-fun turns. In-between the excitement, Darren engaged them with contests for who could spot the first bald eagle (we all lost to our guide), taught us all about the unique properties of the lake (we didn’t know it was the largest west of the Mississippi yet very shallow, or that it produces harvestable algae), and pointed out numerous wildlife.

klamath lake wildlife

Upon departing the boat, my kids declared Roe ‘one of the good ones’, and while that doesn’t sound like an over the top endorsement, I assure you it is. My kids take a lot of outdoor trips and tours, and they’re stingy with their compliments. The operators who get their approval offer hands-on learning and active engagement: from the start, Darren Roe asked for the kids’ help, gave them ‘jobs’ on the boat, and knew just how to act with kids…and won them over instantly.

While on vacation, we understand that families sometimes must choose between several tour opportunities, experiencing perhaps only one. If this is the case, save your one for Roe: you’ll get a high return for your money with these guys. We can’t wait to be back to experience their river rafting!

Date last visited:

June 2013


$65/adults, $60 for kids 3-10.

Book through:


Roe is located at 9349 Highway 97 in Klamath Falls, though if you’re staying at The Running Y Resort, they’ll often be pick you up.

Disclaimer: we experienced the sunset cruise as guests of Roe Outfitters, for the purpose of review. This hospitality came with no expectation of a positive review.