Road-trip troubleshooting: when things go wrong on the road

I’ll admit it: I’ve run out of gas on the road during a family vacation. (I’ve also had a U-Haul trailer break down on me in the middle of the night in the middle of Washington State, but that’s another story.) It wasn’t much fun, and I’ll tell you what I wish I’d had at the time (both times): Allstate’s Good Hands Roadside Assistance.

Now I do (which as the laws of the universe dictate, means I’ll probably never be stranded again, right?). But the best part is, this Murphy’s Law guarantee of stress-free travel comes completely free: you don’t pay a dime for signing up for Allstate’s Roadside Assistance, and you never pay unless you use it. Regular readers of Pit Stops for Kids know that when we find a product that we find beneficial (and use ourselves) for traveling families, we promote it. Traveling with kids can be challenging enough at times, and we’re all about making it easier, more fun, and hassle-free, which is why you can sign up right here in this post. It takes about two minutes, and doesn’t require digging into your wallet or looking up any complicated personal information, I promise.

Of course, even once you have roadside assistance, it’s good to take practical measures to be prepared while on the road with kids. To that end, we always toss a few blankets and a small case of water bottles in the back of our vehicle (they come in handy during picnics and roadside stops), carry a spare tire and jump kit at all times, and bring car chargers for our cell phones. And ever since that day we ran out of gas, we take signs like this one (near California’s Death Valley) seriously:

Enjoy your summer, and safe travels! See you on the road!

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