Quick and easy guide to kids’ road trip snacks

There’s a lot that goes into making a road trip happen. Your level of organization probably lands somewhere in between winging it and micromanaging every detail, and with kids, you always have to leave room for the unexpected. If there’s one thing you should get right, though, it’s snacks for the road.


Guide to road trip snacks:

A sick kid is the surest way to derail your plans, and packing some reliable grub can help you avoid this fate. There are plenty of recipes for crafting easy-to-eat fare from scratch, but if you’re looking for something simple and quick, choose carefully at the grocery store. Pay attention to ingredients, avoid foods with inflammatory additives, and look for fare that is natural or organic. Excessively sugary or processed foods take enough of a toll on kids’ bodies on a normal day, but when you’re on the road, the results can be even worse. With these tips, you can pull off the road trip of a lifetime and keep your kids well while doing so.

Keep it Light

If junk food is a road trip tradition, here’s to breaking tradition and living better! It’s been estimated that kids get up to 40 percent of their calories from foods such as pizza, cookies and soda. When you’re driving for extended period of time, kids are trapped in the backseat with no way to mitigate all those calories. In addition to its obvious unhealthiness, this combination of extra calories and lack of exercise can lead to sickness. If you don’t want to land yourself nursing a sick kid on the side of the road, uphold a no junk food rule.

Opt for Nutritious Options

Processed foods are to blame for a host of health problems affecting kids. As a parent, you’re probably well aware of the ways in which additives and GMOs can irritate young digestive systems and cause problems such as inflammation. Recent innovations by some companies have replaced these ingredients with plant-based ones. Hamptoncreek, for example, utilizes sorghum and pea protein in lieu of materials that are harmful to consumers and the environment. As you prepare for your road trip, find snacks that follow this principle and provide real nutrition for kids.

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Make a Plan and Stick to It

Even if you aren’t up for handcrafting enough snacks to last the duration of your trip, you can make the experience easier by making a plan and sticking to it. Pack a cooler with sandwiches, wholesome juice and other easy eats. A sandwich with egg-free mayo and lunch meat can save you from succumbing to the beckoning of fast food. You will likely want to eat out and experience local cuisine during your traverse, so you need only prepare snacks that will fill the gaps. By simply doing this, though, you maintain control of meals and ensure everybody eats well.

Skip Greasy Temptations

The aforementioned temptation of fast food has been the downfall of many. Remember that there’s often a price to pay when kids don’t eat well, and keep snacks such as fruit, sandwiches and hamptoncreek cookies for occasional treats. So long as you can avoid greasy fare and stay focused on the road, you’re sure to have a trip to remember. When it comes to memories, keep those of sick kids at bay and make ones with happy, healthy kids instead. The food you choose will make all the difference.

Keep the Whole Family in Mind

Though keeping the kids well is your top concern, you should also consider what you plan to eat. Don’t neglect to pack some grub for yourself and any other adults along for the ride. One of the best parts of bringing along healthy snacks is their appropriateness for every member of the group.  When you’re making plans, consider favorite foods and eating habits of the whole family. It’ll make for a better experience, and with access to nutritious snacks, everybody will have the energy to grab the road trip by its horns. Whether they’re at school, at home, or in the backseat, your kids deserve the advantage of healthy and nutritious meals. By cutting out additives, GMOs, and other harmful ingredients, you are taking important steps towards investing in their long-term health. Don’t let a road trip be a lapse in this commitment when instead, you can plan for it by keeping a supply of healthy and natural snacks on hand for the whole family.

And now that you’re snack-ready, how about some tried-and-true road trip games?!