Paris on tight purse strings: budget travel from London to Paris

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Paris is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe but it is also one of the most expensive. Most capital cities have premium prices for everything from accommodation to food and entertainment and Paris is no exception. But there are ways to visit Paris without spending a fortune. Travel from London to Paris for only £35 with iDBUS, for instance, and you’re already off to an inexpensive start.

travel from london to paris

However, to get this low price for your travel you are going to have to be prepared to spend a while longer on your journey: from London to Paris Charles de Gaulle or Bercy, expect to spend around eight hours on the bus. But at that price (and you can get four tickets for the price of three with iDBUS) it is worth it.

Getting cheap travel from London to Paris will help your budget enormously. But your main expense is going to be your accommodation unless you shop wisely and search for accommodation that will suit your budget and the needs of your family. Finding such accommodation that is available at the time you want to travel can be hard. It is often worth searching French websites for local people and businesses renting out holiday accommodation, though you may need to brush up on your French to find the best deals.

Stay somewhere slightly out of the central areas, away from the usual tourist attractions and you can save a small fortune on your accommodation. There are several campsites around Paris that you might want to consider and many have dedicated regular buses to the centre of the city and to Disneyland. The Paris Metro is easy to navigate and will get you to pretty much anywhere you would want to reach, for little money.

Finding something cheap to do when you arrive in Paris is simple enough if you avoid the usual tourist traps. If you visit Paris during July and August you will probably be able to take part in the summer festival, which can be a great way to have fun in the city without having to pay any more than you choose since it is a free event. At any time of the year you can take a stroll down the Seine and admire Notre Dame or browse the riverside stalls selling all sorts of arts, crafts and local produce.

The pavement cafes of Paris can be pricey, so why not take a picnic and a takeaway coffee or tea to one of the city’s parks instead? The parks are also a great place to take your children – as with any city, it can be quite tiring taking children around the busy streets of Paris and they can feel quite restricted (and cross) by having to keep close to you all the time. Letting them off the lead for a bit in the Luxembourg Gardens is highly recommended.

Finally, to see some of the best museums that the city has to offer, invest in a Museum Pass to gain discounted entry to over sixty museums over as many days as you want to pay for.

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    Paris is lovely place to spend holidays with beloved ones. But it is a lot of expensive. So make your tour planning wisely to maintain your budget. The Luxembourg Gardens, the iconic Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the museum Louvre are lovely places to worth a visit.

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