Oregon travel without leaving home: Cellar 503 for Valentine’s Day

My husband and I always plan to get away for Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t always happen. Or if it does, it tends to happen with kids in tow. This weekend, we’ll be exploring the Shasta Cascades of Northern California (with kids!) but we’ll be brining a taste of Oregon with us…just for the grown ups. How? With Cellar 503 for Valentine’s Day.


What is Cellar 503?

Cellar 503 is a wine club unlike any other I’ve seen. And, ahem, we’ve belonged to a few. What makes it different: Cellar 503 celebrates Oregon wine regions and wineries as much as it celebrates the wine selections themselves. In other words, with Cellar 503, customers aren’t just paired with monthly wine offerings. They’re paired with Oregon destinations. Each monthly selection from Cellar 503 comes with very detailed tasting notes, along with a full sheet of information on the Oregon growing region and winery. As Oregonians who pride ourselves on knowing quite a bit about our state’s wineries, we have been pleasantly surprised to learn a great deal from these notes.

We received our first shipment of one big, bold red wine and one bright white wine just days before Valentine’s Day. Our cabernet was from Seven Bridges, a Portland winery that started in a garage among neighbors. Our cuvee was from Roots Winery in Yamhill. As we read about the selections, I found myself also noting where the wineries were located for a possible road trip. Best of all, the contact information for each winery is included, so I could follow up with an email to each property, asking about area lodging, upcoming events, and travel tips.

cellar-503Why gift state-focused wine club memberships?

Truly, Cellar 503’s love of Oregon–not just of Oregon wines–shines through. This fact makes this wine club the perfect gift to give in our wine-loving, travel-loving, Oregon-loving family. Visiting Oregon in the next year? Do some much needed ‘research’ ahead of time by joining Cellar 503. Want to help your loved one remember that special Oregon trip? Ditto. I love chocolate as much as the next person, but this membership is much more personal to us as a couple this Valentine’s Day.

Look for state-focused wine clubs in your state!

What can I expect to pay?

As noted above, I’ve tried out more than one wine club. Whether joining a local club or a club that sends bottles by mail, wine enthusiasts can expect to pay about $15-$30 per bottle, depending on selection. Most clubs send two bottles per month. When you find a bottle you really love, I advise contacting the winery and ordering more directly. Cellar 503 makes this information readily-available. Monthly membership at Cellar 503 is $50 per month, plus $19.99 shipping. If you’re in the Portland area, it’s possible to pick up wine selections directly, and enjoy a members’ event in the process.

Is joining a wine club cost-effective? Not always, no. Think of clubs as specialized Google search engines for wine: they’ve already researched what’s out there and have found what they believe to be the best. And clubs like Cellar 503 have the added value of inducing wanderlust and introducing you to lesser traveled places in Oregon.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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