Naples and Cape Coral Florida boat rental with kids

A Florida Boat Rental in Naples and Cape Coral is Perfect for Kids. Discovery Why

If you’re planning a family vacation and after the year we’ve had, why wouldn’t you, the chances are you want more than just lazing around by the pool. Arguably, the best family adventure vacation is to rent a boat in Naples, Florida, and get out on the water.

Sailing is a great vacation for kids as it offers adventure around every corner. Day-to-day parenting involves thinking of ways to engage and entertain your children. On the waves, you’ll find you won’t have to do that as you explore western Florida.

Boat rental businesses such as Click and Boat will offer you boat with or without a captain, offer a range of options for length of hire either by the day or the hour, and no matter how long you hire your boat, you and your family will have a one of a kind of adventure. A Cape Coral boat rental is very popular, and that is for a good reason.

Things to do After you Rent a Boat in Naples

Naples is well known for golf and relaxation, but there is a wealth of things to do with kids. As a rough guide, consider the following:

  • Naples Zoo – Kids love seeing exotic and wonderful animals, and Naples Zoo will not disappoint. Featuring a Petrof’s Primate Pavilion exhibit features animals native to Madagascar, the zoo also offers rare tigers, hyenas, and leopards. The perfect family day out.
  • Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park – Florida is blessed with miles of beaches, and arguably the Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is one of the best. The park encompasses 166 acres of land, and as well as full facilities on the beautiful beach, you can attend a guided nature tour.
  • Clam Pass Park – This 3000-foot boardwalk (you can take a free tram if you prefer) takes you through mangrove forests and plenty of great wildlife to see, including several species of birds and possibly an alligator or two. At the end of the park, the white-sand beach has all the facilities for a great family day out.

Get Your Cape Coral Boat Rental And do This…

Located in Florida’s Gulf of Mexico, Cape Coral is famed for being one of the best places to have a vacation in the world. It has 400 miles of canals and 27 miles of shoreline. It is perfect for a sailing vacation with the kids.

So what to do:

  • Fossil Expeditions – Fossil Expeditions gives kids the opportunity to find alligator and shark bones and teeth. This is perfect for capturing your kids’ imagination as few kids don’t like the idea of ‘dinosaur hunting.’
  • Cape Coral Historical Museum – Give your kids an education as to the origins of Cape Coral. This is not a stuffy museum but engaging and vibrant and brings the history of the place to life.
  • Family Water Parks – Cape Coral has plenty of water parks with Sun Splash Family Water Park and Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park being two of the best. They have different features with one focusing on beach activities while the other offers go-carting and escape rooms.

Get out on the water and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.