Museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg worth visiting

To experience the best that Russia has to offer one should visit its two most iconic cities – Moscow, a glamorous capital, and St. Petersburg, with its culture and stunning architecture astonishing at every turn.

Moscow and St Petersburg are the cities that can be enjoyed to the fullest by adults as well as by children.   The list of things families can do is long: history, oceanography, interactive science and art museums, zoos, circuses, children’s theaters, children’s shopping malls, boat cruises, and many other activities.

Museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

The Museums of Moscow and St Petersburg will introduce you to the rich and deep history of cultural Russia and prove that a journey through history, politics, art, culture, and science can be fascinating and pleasant.

 The Moscow Planetarium is a museum where families can discover the wonderful world of stars, the history of astronomy and cosmic space.

 Museum of Cosmonautics is dedicated to Soviet space exploration. It displays space suits, space capsules, space-age posters, and other interesting things.

 Railway Museum is a perfect place for anybody who likes real and model trains. The museum showcases Russia’s entire locomotive history, the industry’s technological and social history, and of course, see a lot of trains, which have been extremely influential to Russia’s history and development.

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The Kremlin is the main historical museum in the center of Moscow.

The Moscow Kremlin is a huge architectural ensemble, the largest in the world. Its monuments were built over the time from the late XV to XX centuries. Historically the Moscow Kremlin has been the residence of the Russian power, and in our days it is the residence of the Russian President. 

It is a unique museum complex with  Cathedrals, the Church of the Deposition of the Robe of the Holy Virgin, the Palace of Patriarch of the XVII century with the Church of the Twelve Apostles, the bell tower of Ivan the Great with the belfry and the State Armory Chamber – the treasury. The Kremlin Armoury started as the royal arsenal in 1508 and is one of the oldest museums in Moscow.   

For many centuries Russian art has been playing a significant global role and reflecting dramatic social and cultural changes. Studying Russian culture and history through the collections and exhibitions of the country’s most famous museums provides a stimulating educational experience. Russia’s most renowned art museums are found in Moscow, as well as in the country’s second capital – St. Petersburg.

Moscow’s contemporary art galleries are growing every year and present themselves in many possible manifestations: from fairly traditional painting to interactive multimedia art. Moscow galleries, along promoting local artists, also introduce the public to the works of internationally established artists from all over the world. 

The most famous Art Museums of Moscow are State Tretyakov Gallery, the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world and Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts,  the largest museum of European art in Moscow. 

The Exhibition Association “Central House of Artist” in Moscow is the largest Russian exhibition center and is unique in the cultural life of Russia. The spacious and welcoming interiors are filled with an atmosphere of creativity and have always been a favorite place for meeting and socializing for people of any age group.

The  Central House of Artists gained importance and popularity worldwide after it displayed series of exhibitions of foreign artists – Cartier Bresson, Gunther Ucker, Francis Bacon, Giorgio Morandi, James Rosenquist, Salvador Dali, Yves Saint Laurent and other.

Academy of Watercolor and Fine Arts or School of watercolor of Sergey Andriyakin is a fascinating institution. It is a school of higher education of a new type that has no equals both in Russia and abroad.   

The school has many exhibition spaces and Museums in Watercolor. In the exhibition display the paintings of the talented young artists as well as recognized masters of the fine arts from the most remarkable world museums.  

State Museum of Hermitage – the first place in the list of St. Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is probably the oldest museums in the world.   It is located inside the Winter Palace of Empress Catherine the Great and occupies more than 1,500 rooms. You can find Leonardo da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, and ancient Scythian Gold and artwork from the dawn of time. With over three million items on permanent display, including the most extensive collection of paintings in the world, the museum will quite literally take your breath away.

Among historical museums of St Petersburg Naval History Museum at the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy and Russian Vodka Museum, showing how vodka has been made and consumed over the ages, and giving a chance to try some for yourself, should be mentioned.

Military museums: Central Naval Museum and Museum of Cosmonautics and Missile Artillery of Glushko should not be missed.

Visiting the Museums of Moscow and St Petersburg will deeply enrich you and give insight into the cultural history of Russia.

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