Multnomah Falls

450px-multnomah_falls_from_the_baseMultnomah Falls

It’s hard to miss Multnomah Falls when traveling I-84, but you really need to stop and see it up close to appreciate its 620 foot height. And this pitstop doesn’t have to take a lot of time. From the parking lot, walk under the road through the pedestrian tunnel to the lodge and base of the falls (amazingly, even with a spectacular waterfall yards away, my kids were still more enticed by the tiny creek that runs the length of the parking lot¦go figure!). You can view the falls right from here, but to get the kids some much needed exercise, I’d suggest taking the fairly easy, short hiking trail up to Benson Bridge (midway up the falls). If you have even more time and energy, the trail to the top of the waterfall is worth the effort, but keep in mind that it’s steep (with switchbacks) and over a mile long. A historical center resides inside the lodge, by the gift shop (yes, of course there’s a gift shop! It’s a nice one, though!).

Date last visited: June 2008

Distance off the interstate: You can see the falls from the interstate!

Bathrooms: Down the hallway from the gift shop, in the lodge.

Food Services: There is a restaurant, but for a quick, kid-friendly meal, you’re better off stopping in nearby Troutdale. During summer visits, we have found an ice cream cart operating by the gift shop at the base of the falls.

Directions: Located approximately twenty miles east of Portland on I-84 (watch for the signs – it’s well marked)
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