Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Factory

Mrs. Grossman's Stickers (photo courtesy of Delicious Baby)

3810 Cypress Dr.
Petaluma, CA

If you look back with longing to your sticker-trading days, you won’t want to pass up a stop at Mrs. Grossman’ Sticker Factory in Petaluma, CA. Free one-hour tours run multiple times per day, and include a video, a guided tour of the sticker factory, a fun sticker craft, a visit to their sticker museum, where you can see every sticker Mrs. Grossman’s has ever made, and a $3 off coupon for your purchase of $20 at the Company Store.

You’ll get to view thousands of stickers going through every stage of printing, high-speed packaging as well as machines sorting and wrapping. (Strollers permitted everywhere except the factory floor.) In a recent article at Delicious Baby, Debbie admits the stop was probably more for her than her kids, but that soon changed: “Once I finally got the kids inside the company’s sticker store…they were floored. They’ve never seen so many stickers together in one place. Every design needed to be inspected and evaluated. At the cash register we noticed “mystery packs” which included $10 worth of stickers in a box for $2, and these turned out to be a huge hit when they were opened.” Read the full review!

Date last visited: February 2010

Distance off the interstate: 8 minutes

Hours and Admission Prices: Hours vary (Monday through Friday). Closed weekends. Check hours here:


Directions: Traveling North on Highway 101: Take the Sonoma/Napa East 116 Exit. Turn left at traffic light on Lakeville Hwy. Follow approx. 1 mile. Turn right at the light on South McDowell Blvd. Follow approx. 1/2 mile.

Traveling West on Interstate 80: Take the Marine World Pkwy/Hwy 37 exit. Stay on Hwy 37. You will pass Marine World on left, and continue on Hwy 37. Cross over bridge and you will be on a two-lane road with a barrier between the lanes. You will come to the Sears Point Intersection; continue through to the next intersection, which will be Lakeville Hwy. Turn right on Lakeville Hwy. Follow approx. 9 miles. Turn left on Pineview Way. At the first stop sign, turn right on Cypress Drive. Continue on Cypress Drive until you come to the first stop sign, then turn left onto South McDowell Blvd. Take an immediate left into the first driveway.

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