Moscow with kids: How to tackle this unique city

Moscow is always a great adventure, and you are definitely excited if you plan a trip there. There are different attractions and locations worth admiring. These might be of great cultural, religious, economical, political, or financial importance.

Moscow is an old city with a long and notable history. It has been the capital city of Russia for hundreds of years. Numerous political decisions have been taken in the city and its history has often been quite turbulent.

There are many objects that testify to the past. Many are still in use, despite their old ages. These are like Russian and Moscow symbols, so you will probably think first about them when someone mentions the country and its capital city.

Important Institutions and Tourist Attractions

The Kremlin, Red Square, and St. Basil’s Cathedral, Bolshoi Theatre, Tretyakov Gallery, and Lenin’s Mausoleum are these kinds of buildings. They are all located in or near the city’s center, and tourists can find them quite easily.

Each of the locations is special in its own way, and they all have been involved in making Russian and world’s history. The Kremlin has been, for example, the office of the Russian president for quite a long time. The main political decisions and directions have been made in the building, and these often influenced the entire world.

St. Basil’s Cathedral is important for the religious life of the Russian national as one of the biggest and most influential churches in the country. Bolshoi Theatre and Tretyakov Gallery are of precious value from a cultural point of view.

Both buildings are very old, but they have been used for pretty dissimilar purposes. The first has been the main headquarters of the oldest opera groups in the entire world.

The second object is home to tens of thousands of cultural items, such as old and great pictures, sculptures, and so on. There are approximately 150,000 such items in the gallery, and that’s the largest collection in Russia, and one of the largest in the entire world.

It is definitely an amazing experience to explore something like that in person. All the pictures, sculptures, and items are original and unique so you cannot see anything similar anywhere else on the planet.

Moscow is, therefore, a great tourist attraction, thanks to the opportunities the city provides. However, it is just a beginning when it comes to the offer, and there are indeed many more things to do and explore.

Explore Russian National Cuisine in Some of the Great Russian Restaurants

If you are in Moscow, you should not definitely avoid some of the great restaurants in the city. You can taste some of the remarkable Russian national meals, and the professional cooks know how to prepare them well. You will definitely enjoy your time while eating such food.

If you need a recommendation for the best restaurant, you should certainly check the web. It is an amazing resource where you can find numerous reviews about the best restaurants in the city. These can simplify the selection, and you do not need to explore restaurants physically. The official websites can help you to find out more about menus, and you can often use such portals to reserve a seat at a chosen location.  

Bars and Pubs

Pubs and bars are also great places you should not miss too. You can have great fun at some of these locations, and they are available all over the city. Many are open all night so you can enjoy them until the morning hours.

International Airports in Moscow

Moscow is well connected with the entire world. There are different international airports in the city, and you can simply arrive and come back home when the adventure is over. You only need to have a Russia visa to visit, and you can come from virtually anywhere in the world.