Five best things to do when you visit Miami

By far one of the most enticing things about visiting Miami, Florida is the fact that no matter when you go, you can almost always count on getting some sunshine. Yes, south Florida enjoys warm sunny weather all year round. Now couple that with the fact that it has some of the best beaches in America (starting, of course, with the iconic Miami Beach) and you have a beautiful destination worth visiting every single time.

During this time of uncertainty, outdoor activities offer the best ability to safely social distance. asked me to share my favorite activities and tips for exploring Miami, so start here as you plan a safe and responsible vacation.


Of course, if you are going to visit an oceanside city there is simply no way that you can go the entire trip without sunbathing at one of the iconic beaches and getting a glorious tan while you are at it. However, once you are done with all that, or when you are taking a break from laying in the sun, you might want to enjoy these other wonderful attractions that can only be found in Miami, Florida. Here are 5 of the best things to do when you visit Miami.

Take a Ride on the Metromover

Miami has one of the most spectacular skylines in the country. One of the best ways to see it is to party at its iconic rooftop bars at night the other is to ride the metromover during the day. While the locals might think of the metromover as an overcrowded necessity, as a visitor it is by far one of the best ways to get a good look at the city from above. You can simply take a ride from Brickell all the to the Arsht Center and back. That should give you enough time to fully appreciated the alluring architecture that riddles this sunny city.

Go Shopping at the Bayside Marketplace

While Miami has an assortment of well-known chain stores, if you want to find some of the most unique items for sale then you should visit the Bayside Marketplace. Here you will find an array of boutiques in what is America’s most exciting outdoor style malls. The Bayside Marketplace is located right along Miami’s waterfront and it is the place to go if you want to do more than just shop. You can mingle with the locals who come out in droves to soak up the wonderfully lively atmosphere full of live music and all sorts of entertainment.

Rent a Boat and Sail Out into the Ocean

It is true that there is a lot of fun to be had at the beach. You can sunbathe, workout and deep your toes in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. However, if you want to really get out there and have some serious unbridled fun then you should consider renting a boat and sail out into the ocean with a few of your friends. You can do some fishing, more sunbathing, swimming and take awesome selfies showing off your wonderful tan while sipping champagne on a boat in Miami. There are very few better ways to make your friends green with envy.

Where to stay: When visiting Miami, families will want to choose between a midtown or downtown Miami hotel or a South Beach hotel. Miami hotel options are abundant! Bear in mind that while South Beach hotels often have beach access, they also have livelier crowds. Opt for the best environment for your family.

Go Swimming in the Venetian Pool

Miami is one of those metropolitan cities that pays tribute a wide variety of cultures that make it such a warm and vibrant place to be. You can get a taste of Cuba in “Little Havana” or you could experience a little bit of Venice in the Venetian Pool. The Venetian Pool is a historic facility that attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year. Built in 1923, the Venetian Pool can be found in Coral Gables and it was built out of a coral rock quarry. This gorgeous pool holds about 820,000 gallons of water at any given time and is fed by an underground spring water. When summer hits and the pool gets very busy, it gets emptied out and refilled every single day. They even stop selling tickets at some point so you have to book early.

museum park

Pay Crandon Park a Visit

If you travel a little south of Miami Beach, right across Rickenbacker Causeway you will come to Key Biscayne. This is one of the most beautiful locations in this part of the planet. As tiny as it is, Key Biscayne has some of the most stunning beaches and outstanding park areas in the region. Out of all these wonderful parks, Crandon Park is by far the most visited and most popular in the area. The reason for this is that the reef here makes swimming a joyous activity. The park also has a Nature and Amusement Center that offers extraordinarily entertaining wholesome family fun. So if you are traveling with the kids be sure to take them over to Crandon Park for an afternoon of fun lessons and reef swimming.  

Of course, you could also do the usual things such as:

  • Go to a vivacious bar
  • Visit the Miami Children’s Museum
  • Cruise down Ocean Drive
  • Catch a live event

Finally, you simply must visit the Miami Sea Aquarium where you can see manatees, killer whales, dolphins and even sharks. The best way to enjoy Miami is to plan a few trips and create a Miami-focused bucket list. You simply cannot do it all in one visit.

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