How to make summer family travel plans with a printable calendar

Summer is right around the corner, so kids could already be waiting for family trips. As we’ve said before, family travels help your family bond and build memories that you will later cherish. How to make summer family travel plans can be the challenge, however. Planning those trips however is sometimes a challenge. The trick is to use the best management tool you can get. Today we discuss about the old wall printable calendar.

Family travel plans have so much areas you need to research and covers that they often turn out more complex than you think. Once you complete a task and break a level, another challenge comes in the way. The below guide aims to be your reliable resource for successful family vacation planning.

Ask your kids

Your children would be enthusiastic about making summer travel plans. However, they’re also growing and developing their own plans. Therefore, you should take your summer calendar sheets and a pencil to begin with. If you don’t already have such a tool in a simple and friendly format, you can find a calendar website with downloadable resources.

Ask your children if a summer vacation sounds appealing. Give them a task to think about what summer tournaments, matches or events they must attend and cut the dates off the calendar.

Research on your own

With the calendar in hand, think about your own and partner’s events. Cut out any birthdays, anniversaries and family celebrations. Think about relatives’ birthdays and anything that might stop you from getting on a trip.

This is also an appropriate time to consider when it’s the most suitable summer vacation time from work. You wouldn’t want an upset boss to disapprove with your request, while children at home wait for a plane tickets purchase confirmation. 

Have a mixed vacation

Carefully consider how many days a vacation should last and if it should include weekends. Family vacations should include at least two purposes to be complete. Therefore, think about why you want to take a trip, why your children might enjoy a trip and mix them. You might lead to a result such as an active – relaxing vacation. You can think of a place where you can disconnect from worries, while your kids go hiking, riding a bike or swimming.

Consider your family’s specifics

If you have kids who get bored quickly, you might need to take a trip which includes more destinations. This means more research work that you should plan in your calendar. However, if they enjoy sightseeing, then you have an easier task.

Think about budget and include money-related planning in your calendar research tasks. You will need to cover hotel, plane tickets, visiting, food and much more.

Eliminate destinations

This is the fun part of research. You can ask all your family members about destination preferences. Ask them vaguely, so that you can keep a surprise element. Eliminate destinations based on their responses, whether they are islands or mountainside resorts.

However, you can also discover child-friendly destinations such as Australia. Keep possibilities open, while you consider their answers.

Think about health concerns

Each family has members which are sensitive to something. Plan a few hours for research and mark them in your calendar. If you already have a destination or a shortlist, see each destination’s inconvenient. It might be a place where pollen allergies often occur, or you might need a long drive to get there and your kids have car sickness.

It’s better to prevent, so you should try to minimize any risk that might appear. Usually, you can find information on local tourism or news websites. Also, experts make forecasts and mention areas to avoid, in case you already planned your vacation.

Provide others with access

Studies have found that family vacations are more valuable to children than many of their joys, even toys. They get enthusiastic and like to get involved in vacation plans and preparations. You can place your planning calendar in a visible spot, as the kitchen. This way, they are constantly reminded that they will be busy when you’re away and won’t make additional plans.

However, keep the calendar free of any edits. Allow your children to see it, even remind you of something you might need to do. Don’t let markers in sight near the calendar to avoid any editing. Mention that they shouldn’t make notes as you need to be in full control of the information and what you need to do.

Vacation planning has so many aspects involved that you might tend to forget some of them. You can find above some of the essentials you should consider for vacation. The calendar can additionally be used for shopping, luggage making and documents – if necessary.

Plan your vacation and cover all the details, so that you can have an overall colorful and carefree picture!

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