Lowa hiking boots review: Best hiking and travel hybrid shoe

I give Lowa boots a shout-out in our round-up of best hiking boots for the family, but this brand deserves its own post. Why? I now own three pairs of Lowa shoes, and I never travel without at least one of them. The Lowas I love are not hard-core, heavy boots, nor are they sneakers. They’re perfect hybrids, allowing me to travel in comfort and then hit the trails, city walks and biking paths at my destination.


To me, the absolute best travel shoe is one you can adventure in, which is what Lowa provides. Here’s what to look for and what to buy:

Lowa hiking boots review:

On the Lowa website, head straight to their All Terrain Sport category, and take a look around. All of these shoe options will provide you with a travel shoe that’s adventure-ready. I’ve loved my Innox GTX shoe¬†for several years now, so that’s a solid win, but I recently have been trying out the brand new Aerox GTX.

The Aerox is categorized as a trail shoe, and is a little bit more ‘sporty’ in looks than the more understated Innox (not that the Innox is a lifestyle shoe, because it’s not). The Aerox is 100 percent waterproof but still breathable, and has a more serious tread for traction on the outsole. That said, it’s still incredibly lightweight, and you get my favorite feature in a sport shoe: a quick lace system that allows you to tighten to the perfect fit.

You can read all kinds of other technical specs about the Aerox

on the website, but here’s what you need to remember: it’s a serious shoe that will deliver in the outdoors, but also has a low profile and lightweight design that will pack easily and can be worn on travel days. I wear mine on the plane, saving me space in my carry-on, and allowing me to be ready to find adventure the moment I arrive (even though probably, I’ll just kick off my shoes and collapse on a hotel bed).

My Lowas have come with me to city-outdoor-adventure hybrid locations like Tennesee, Peru, New York City, and all over Europe, serving me well both on city streets and while museum hopping or historic neighborhood touring as well as hiking and backpacking. In fact, my favorite Lowas traveled almost 100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail a few years ago, and will be along for the ride on my next long hike, too.

lowa aerox

Here are some additional Lowas I really like: