Joovy Qool review: travel-ready stroller


The Joovy Qool lives up to its name. With a sleek design and luxury features that mirror those of the most expensive brands on the market, the Qool makes it look easy. Which is definitely the point, for those of us wanting our strollers to go the distance while traveling.


Our baby gear tester Karyssa tested to Qool in 2014 with her son, and is back with an updated review of the newest Qool model with her newborn daughter (with Deklan now along for the ride as a preschooler). Designed for babies three months and up (or from birth with a car seat attachment), the Qool is still not the lightest stroller on the market, but like most Joovy strollers, it manages to fit into the lightweight category while not skimping on features.

Joovy Qool review:

I was excited to try out the new Joovy Qool stroller with bassinet with my daughter. The package arrived promptly, and my husband started putting it together as soon as it arrived. The instruction booklet is pretty thick, but he was able to do most of the assembly without the instructions fairly easily. He only referred to the instructions once. Total assembly including the bassinet took about 15 minutes.

Initially looking at the stroller I thought that it would be heavy because of the larger wheels and wider base. That was not the case. The stroller is so easy to lift into my car, much lighter than it looks. Breaking it down or opening it up is a breeze and takes about 5 seconds.

The ability to attach the bassinet to the stroller and allow my baby to sleep comfortably is so convenient. Attaching the bassinet to the stroller is really simple just line up the bassinet and click. We did not get the car seat adapter for the stroller because it wasn’t available for the brand of car seat we have. Honestly, I am happy that we didn’t because I am more likely to put her in the bassinet and she will be more comfortable. The Mayo clinic does not recommend for babies to be in car seats for long periods of time outside of the car.

Joovy made the fabric inside the bassinet super plush and soft it almost has a velvety feel. It is white though, so I lay a blanket down between the baby and the mattress in case of spit up or accidents. The sun visor has 50+ sun protection and comes with a great zip cover the also works to protect your little one from extreme weather. My only wish is that the visor came down a little lower or had an option to completely shield my baby from the sun. If I am walking in the middle of the day I have to put a thin blanket over the top to completely shield her from the sun.

The stroller rolls great on and off the pavement and I think the large wheels help make it a smoother ride. 

My four-year-old loves to sit on the Qool bench seat and doesn’t even mind being buckled. It’s great for the longer walks when he decides he is too tired to walk or he just wants to sit and take a break. Unfortunately, we can’t use the seat with the bassinet but otherwise it is an amazing addition to the Qool. There are several position options for the Qool bench seat and the stroller in the instruction booklet.

Storage is plentiful in the bottom of the stroller. It will fit my diaper bag, blankets, another backpack and more. I am certain that it would fit all of my shopping bags and diaper bag during a shopping trip at the mall. My four-year-old even thought that he should crawl under there and make sure it fit him, and it did.

Joovy Qool at a glance:

Want the highlights? Here’s Karyssa’s quick takes:

  • Easy access brake
  • Maneuvers easily through tight places
  • Nice leather grip
  • Medium sized basket storage (can hold a purse but not a large diaper bag)
  • Expandable cover shields baby from rain and sun
  • Wheels glide over bumpy terrain
  • Doubles as a jogging stroller
  • Compacts and folds to fit tightly in small spaces
  • Lightweight
  • Leather bumper for baby to hold or attach toys
  • Adjustable handlebar makes for easy steering at any height
  • Cushy gel-like seat (which is removable)
  • Front wheel locks from swivel at a push of a button
  • Difficult to fold for some (I had trouble; husband and son could fold it in 6 seconds)
  • Cover window not large enough for baby to view out of easily

Pit Stops for Kids Joovy Qool Review for one toddler:

If you’re using the Qool with one child, is easy to maneuver through tight areas that can often frustrate parents pushing a stroller. I tested the Qool at a large sporting event with mobs of people. The stroller turned effortlessly through the crowds. A major advantage is that this stroller fits in tight areas at department stores and turns on a dime around racks that can otherwise hang up stroller wheels.

The brake is easy to find and engage in the middle of the rear wheels, and virtually anyone can push the stroller comfortably with the adjustable handlebar. The handlebar has a nice comfortable leather grip and a cup holder can be easily attached as an additional accessory.


The expandable sun and rain cover kept my little one sheltered but still able to see out the front.  My only caveat: the peek-a-boo window is on the small side, and doesn’t provide much of a view.

The seat is really cooshy with a gel like liner unlike any other stroller seat I have seen. The shoulder harness is easily adjustable for different sizes. I jogged with the stroller over bumpy sidewalks and bricks without ever feeling a jolt. The wheels have major shock absorption and I was very impressed that it handled so well. The front wheels can also be locked by just pushing a button above the wheel.

Initially I thought the Qool was tricky to fold up, but my husband and twelve year old could handle it no problem. Once I tried again it was super easy. It can be folded down tightly with the seat in about five seconds. After it is folded down it can’t be pushed or pulled; it has to be lifted. It is extremely lightweight so that makes up for it.

Tip: Not sure which Joovy stroller is right for you? Compare the Qool to the Joovy Caboose VaryLight, also reviewed by a Pit Stops for Kids mom!


Buy the Qool for $549 on, or Pick it up on Amazon for about 20% less!