Car Travel with Kids by Interstate



  1. soon we are making a road trip from elmira ny to fayettville nc and plan to try and make it a fun trip for our 5 year old please help. we are going to visit my older kids in nc. thank you and God bless this great nation USA

  2. Maureen Egger says:

    Didn’t find I-81 information going south through Virginia into Tennessee. What’s the story?

  3. That’s an area we’ve unfortunately not yet covered. I hope you’ll come back and submit a review or two to help others! In the meantime, have you tried Lots of great parent reviews for that area there.

  4. We are driving from ST. Louis to washington DC, we have three kids 7, 5, and a one year old. Do you have pit stops and kid friendly hotels? thank you

  5. gail flynn says:

    what I need is a map of the fastest route with the name of highways and rest stops (animals) from montreal canada to san diego california , we are driving with a motor home or trailer

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