Travel Gear We Use: Abiie Huggs baby carrier review

Reviewed by our baby and toddler gear tester, Karyssa Booth. 

Time for a baby carrier review! I received the Abiie Huggs carrier in the mail a couple months before my daughter could fit into it. I waited until she was about five months old before I used it. On initial inspection, I was a little overwhelmed by how many buttons, clips, and snaps it had. I am still figuring out new functions of the carrier each time I use it. For example, the flap that serves as support for the back of the neck and then folds down so the baby can look around. Who knew?  The only thing I haven’t mastered is nursing while she is in it, but I’m pretty sure it is not possible.

The Huggs carrier excels in comfort for the parent and baby:

There is a seat that supports the baby’s rear and allows movement for its legs and hips. Other baby carriers seem to have the legs spread too far apart or facing the baby out which seems awkward to me. My baby has never been in the Huggs and appeared or acted uncomfortably. She can usually sit in it for a little over an hour with no complaints. Even after wearing her in the carrier for a long time it doesn’t hurt my back.

Unfortunately, the seat that makes the carrier supportive for the baby also is its downfall. I recently took a trip and opted on a stroller that I could check in at the gate instead of the carrier because I didn’t have enough room to store it under my seat with my carry on and diaper bag. It’s too bulky for the plane with limited space. If I was also traveling with my husband, I’m sure I could have made it work. Traveling with a baby solo, it wasn’t happening.

My favorite aspects of the Huggs is the quality and support. It is obvious that a lot of thought and planning went into the creation of the Huggs. The base zips off and when I need to get the baby out quick or she is asleep, it’s really handy. The Velcro belt works really well and once I Velcro and snap the belt around my waist I rarely have to readjust. The sun/rain cover with multiple snaps to fit many different size heads or fit as baby grows. The pockets….who doesn’t love a plethora of pockets? I can easily fit my keys and phone it the belt pockets, baby toys in the large front pocket. I also like to clip a pacifier or toy to keep her happy while babywearing.

Putting on the Huggs:

I recently wore the carrier to a family function and all of my cousins with small children commented on how nice it was. The joke was that whenever anyone tried to use a front pack they can’t seem to reach behind and do the back buckle without some difficulty. Where the buckles are positioned on the Huggs, I am able to reach around and buckle the back myself fairly easily. I can also secure the waist belt and put my head through, sit baby on the seat and buckle the straps on the sides under my arms.

Overall, I would rate the baby carrier as excellent and recommend it to friends and family that were looking for a comfortable well-designed front pack. If someone is looking for a pack that had a lot of features this is the pack for them. My only caveat: if one criteria is to be able to pack the carrier down small for travel, I would look for another option.

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Karyssa was sent a complimentary Huggs for the purpose of review. All opinion remains her own.