How to travel in style with kids

It is that time of the year when most of us are already planning for our next travel destination. After a long stretch of body chilling winters, summers make us all happy for all the right reasons. Families traveling with kids have an extra reason to be excited for all the family bonding that they will be having on their holiday. However, parents have to do some extra planning when traveling with kids and it often sends them into a panic mode. You will often spot parents on holidays that look more exhausted instead of being relaxed while on a holiday. As part of your preparation, download books and movies, or games such as Bingo Mum, where you can choose some awesome online bingo games to stay occupied during your downtime.


If you plan your packing right, your parental role will not keep you from enjoying your holiday to its fullest. Here are a few things that you should pay attention to when prepping up for traveling with kids. 


The most dominant element of the entire family traveling feat is the luggage. Often families with kids are spotted at airports and train stations with oversized bulky suitcases and that too multiple in number. They are not only a hassle to manage especially when you have kids to manage too, and can also add up on your cargo fare especially in the case of air travel. Most couples argue that taking large suitcases is inevitable because there is a lot to pack when traveling with kids and packing light is next to impossible. However, it is still very much doable if you plan it right. 

Try to go with medium sized suitcases and make a list of things that you can cut down on. For example, if you have booked yourself a place that will have a coffee maker or a microwave oven, you can leave your baby’s bottle warmer behind. Likewise, instead of taking a sterilizer, go for sterilizing tablets. If your kids can walk and can carry a backpack, let them have their own backpacks for their stuff and have them carry them.


What you wear is an important part of your travel fashion. When choosing what kind of clothes to take on your trip factor in the dynamics of your destination, expected weather conditions and your comfort level with managing your clothes along with kids. It should be understood that your clothing for a cold mountainous region would be different from your clothes for a beach holiday. Ideally, for summer travels pack light clothes with a few tee shirts and a couple of shorts and jeans. You can pack one pair of formal shirt and dress pant if you plan to fine dine or visit a formal casino or a ball. 


Avoid taking too many shoes. A pair of comfortable joggers or running shoes that can offer you good support and grip and a pair of Hawaiians should be good enough. When traveling with kids, expect to be on your foot and often running around after the munchkins at parks and malls. Comfortable shoes and supportive shoe insoles are important to keep you from having those obnoxious sore feet.


Being a parent on your trip does not mean that you have to throw your class and luxury outside the window. Since your clothing will not have much to say about your persona, you can cover up the shortcoming buy sporting a luxury watch such as a mens Rolex watch. You do not need anything else to make a statement when you are wearing something as empowering as a Rolex.

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