How to take a long family trip: A guide for working parents

Kids in school remotely this year? Think you can’t taking advantage of this to travel because you’re working parents?

How to work remotely and travel with your kids during the pandemic.

There are so many ways that working parents can enjoy a long trip without breaking the bank…and continue working during COVID-19. The answer is simple: work on your trip. Summer-long vacations are perfect to really get to know a place and to give yourself the stability necessary to work remotely or on a travel basis. 

Top Careers that Make it Easy to Work and Travel 

If working and traveling is something that you have always wanted to do, then there are many careers that don’t just make it possible, but make it easy. You can stay in one place, or travel at will. As more businesses are realizing that roles can, in fact, be remote, working and traveling is quickly becoming accessible to an increasing number of people. 

The best careers that will allow you to work wherever, and give your kids the ability to enjoy great trips on every school break, however, are these three: 

Freelance Worker 

Freelancers work in almost every role, and operate more as small business owners than consultants or other types of work and travel positions. You will need to take your skills remotely, however, which means building up your own client list and operating as a one-person business. Alternatively you could work through an agency, so they handle the front-facing client side of things, and you get the work. This second option is great if you don’t have the time to manage clients, though you won’t be able to set your own prices or grow loyal customers as easily. 


Consultants are very similar to freelancers, with the exception that rather than their skills being offered, it is their expertise. Consultancy is also a great role to have when working remotely, as most of the work can be done digitally, and if you do need to travel you can go to where your clients are. 

Traveling Nurse 

If you work in healthcare then you can easily work as a traveling nurse. There are hospitals that have daily, weekly, and monthly positions for nurses because they are experiencing a shortage of staff. This way you can go and travel with your whole family and stay working. So long as the license you have is within the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) states you can transfer your nursing license from state to state. 

This way you can spend a long summer in Montana, for example, and continue to work while your kids can enjoy the great outdoors, day camp experiences, and so much more right there alongside you. As you work and live there during the summer, you can spend longer and really enjoy the destination to its fullest. 

You could even work, travel, and further your career with DNP Leadership programs online. It sounds like a lot, but when you bed down for a full summer instead of trying to sneak in a week-long trip, you can actually manage your time better and still give your kids unforgettable summers. 

Convincing Your Employer to Work Remotely 

If you don’t have a job that makes it natural to travel while you work, then see if you can work remotely. As 2020 has proven to many employers, remote working is entirely possible for many positions. All you need is to convince your employer to allow you to work remotely so that you can spend a long summer in a new place. A good way to do this is to prove your work ethic working remotely if you haven’t already.  


Managing Your Time and Energy: Getting the Best of Both Worlds 

When you have a job that allows you to work remotely the only thing left to worry about, when it comes to working and traveling with your family, are the logistics. By using these tips to manage your time and energy you can do a full work day and enjoy your vacation all at once. 

Block Off Some Time 

One week a month, or even just two long weekends each month in the summer, try to take time off. This way you can go and enjoy big day trips around the area you have decided to settle in for your summer vacation. It shouldn’t be all work and no play, and by taking some time off (either through your employer or clients) you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Rent a Home Away from Home 

You can rent an apartment or a motor home for the duration of summer, and enjoy huge discounts in the process. Apartments or even holiday homes are a great way to enjoy that home-away-from-home feeling that gives you and your family essential stability that you need for a long trip. 

Find Day Camps and Fun Activities for Your Kid to Enjoy During the Day 

If you need to work during the day, then finding day camps, or other fun day-long activities in the area is a great way to let your kids have fun in the sun while you get your work done for the day. There are options at local campsites, national parks, museums, and so much more. They are designed to give local kids something to do, and since you are a local for the summer, your kids can enjoy these day experiences themselves! 

Another great option is to choose a home away from home that has lots to do nearby. For example if they can go to the lake, go swimming, hiking, or meet new friends in town. 

Treat Yourself – It’s Your Vacation Too! 

You can enjoy vacation, even if you are still working, just by following the slow travel movement. Treat yourself to some great spa items, find beautiful places to sit and work at, take days off throughout the summer, and generally try to slow down and really soak in your new destination. 

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