How to snag last minute holiday vacation deals

The holiday preparation is done and soon the kids will be out of school, but you don’t have a winter vacation planned? There may still be time to find, plan, and execute the perfect holiday getaway for your family if you act quickly! Follow the tips below to snag holiday travel deals well into December.

1. Find seasonal deals by searching the ‘last minute’ or ‘currently running’ sections of airline or vacation package sites. By opting for flexible dates (and being willing to leave asap), it’s still possible to find late holiday deals. Get the most from these sites by searching by price first, then destination. What you find might surprise you!

2. Be willing to vacation before Christmas Day. Resort and hotel room rates go up exponentially from Christmas Day through New Year’s Day. Booking your trip for the week before, or even better yet, take the kids out of school a few days early and go up to 10 days before Christmas, prices will be lower, crowds will be lesser, and your experience will be far better.

3. Look for smaller, family resorts and boutique hotels. Mom and Pop operations, specialty hotels, and smaller-sized operations may be willing to offer discounts during the holiday season in order to stay competitive with larger resorts and hotel brands. For instance, we’ve had wonderful luck a modestly-sized, family-oriented ski resorts situated near larger ones.

4. Consider a home rental. Booking through a home rental site allows families to correspond directly with home owners, giving you the opportunity to negociate prices (within reason). Plus, a home rental will ensure you save money on other aspects of family travel, such as meals out, adjoining hotel rooms, and laundry.

5. Search for empty hotel rooms on discount or auction sites. These sites are designed to identify which hotel brands are sitting on empty rooms (that they desperately want to fill during the busy holiday season). Once you know which resorts are in ‘need’, you can strategize your bids accordingly.

Good luck in your last-minute holiday planning, and if you’ll be spending the holidays at home, enjoy!

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