How to Find Kid-Friendly Hotels in Malta

Beautiful beaches, plenty of culture, lots of tasty food, and historical locations to visit. A trip to the archipelago of Malta (located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea) is a great way for your children to enjoy a sunny beach holiday while also expanding their knowledge of history. 

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If you’re looking to explore a stunning tropical paradise with your children, Malta is one of the places you’ll want to add to your list of possibilities. While it is a small island, there is a lot to see and do there, especially for families with children. 

Plenty of beaches to explore

Whether your kids enjoy playing in the sand or exploring tide pools, there are plenty of beaches to explore. Malta’s coastline is a mix of sandy beaches and rocky beaches. 

Mellieha Bay is one of the largest sandy beaches on the island and it is family-friendly. Lifeguards are on duty during the day, there are snack bars near the beach, and the surf is shallow enough that the youngest of family members can dip into the ocean. 

Older kids that are ready for adventure might enjoy snorkeling in Gnejna Bay. This rocky bay is right near a sandy beach. If your child has never snorkeled before, there are plenty of snorkeling instructors on the island. 

Historical locations to visit

Part of the thrill of visiting a new place is learning the history and culture of the area. And Malta is full of history! Malta has been inhabited since 5900 BC and has seen quite a few rulers, including the Phoenicians, Swabians, Order of St. John, and British. 

The capital city of Valletta is the key to exploring the rich history of Malta. Over 300 historical locations throughout the city allow visitors to explore the past cultures of the island. 

The Megalithic Temples of Malta also hold secrets to the island’s past. These temples are some of the oldest prehistoric buildings in the world. Several of the temples can still be visited today.

Family adventures to have 

In addition to the beaches and historical locations, there are plenty of other adventures to have. There are museums, water parks, indoor sports areas, hiking trails, and more—you’re sure to find something for everyone. 

If your family is a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ll probably be excited to learn that there are filming locations throughout the island. Places around Mdina served as King’s Landing and the cliffs of Migra l-Ferha served as a Dothraki camp. 

You’ll also get the chance to try traditional Maltese food. There are restaurants and street vendors around the island that serve savory pastries, fried fish, and rabbit stew. Maltese food combines flavors of other nearby countries to create dishes with bold flavors. For less adventurous eaters, most restaurants also serve chicken nuggets and pizza.

Find accommodations in advance 

If you’re staying in Malta, you’re going to want to find a child-friendly hotel. Travel agencies such as Choice Holidays can help you plan a Malta All-Inclusive trip, including flights, hotels, transportation, and activities. 

Many families have success in finding a hotel in the commercial district of Sliema. This area is nearby restaurants, shopping areas, and several beaches. It also has great transportation options that allow you to easily travel to other parts of the island.

Look for a hotel that includes a kids’ club. A kids’ club helps plan kid-friendly activities around the hotel to keep your child entertained. Kids’ clubs also provide caretakers, just in case you want to go on a date with your partner.

Travel tips to keep in mind 

Traveling to Malta can only be done by plane or by boat, which means you’ll have to rent a car once you get there or rely on public transportation. Make sure to pack activities to keep your kids entertained while traveling.

The official languages of the island are English and Maltese. Many locals will speak English, so most tourists experience very few language barriers.  

The busiest months on the island are between May and September. This is when the weather will be hot enough to fully enjoy the beaches. The weather remains warm in the off-season, but there’s also lots of rain, which makes spending time on the beach harder. 

A trip to Malta is an adventure that your children will remember for the rest of their lives. No matter if your child enjoys swimming, has a love of history, or simply enjoys trying new things, there is sure to be something they’ll enjoy on the island. 

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