How to brighten up your home using your best vacation photos

If you are anything like us, each time you go on a trip you end up taking at least a few photos. They are a great way to capture the moment and create fantastic family memories. Plus, usually, your friends and families enjoy seeing them. Sending a vacation snap and a short message is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones, while you are away.

But, what do you do with all of those photos when you get home? Often, sadly, the answer is nothing. They get backed up to a hard drive and rarely, if ever, looked at and enjoyed. When you think about it, this is quite a sad state of affairs. Looking at those photos is a great way to bring back the memories and feelings of that special time you spent together as a family. So, why not use a few of your favorites to decorate your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A world map of your travels

The other day I came across hello canvas and found a fantastic looking world map. They have them in several different style formats, everything from a traditional school style map to the classic globe style that had been laid out flat. So, finding one to fit in with your style of home décor would not be difficult. Included in the kit is a set of pins. You can either order simple colored pins or flags.

One of these maps hung on the wall with all of the places you have visited marked with a pin or flag would look fantastic. If you wanted to you could hang one of these on your stairway wall. Then surround it with smaller photos from various trips. Using string or wire, you could then connect each place pin or flag to the relevant photo.

Alternatively, you could create something like this in the kid’s playroom or your office. It is a fun and interesting way to decorate a wall which shows off your vacation snaps at the same time.

Create stunning artwork for your home

Or, you could take the simple approach and have your best trip photos turned into canvas prints to hang on your wall. They could be shots of the kids enjoying themselves, landscapes or photos of famous landmarks,

Alternatively, you could have one of your landscape shots turned into a huge wall sticker. In the right place, that could make an interesting feature wall.

Give your fridge a new look using your vacation snaps

If your fridge or a cupboard door is looking a little ratty, consider wrapping it using your vacation photos. You could do the same with a table or door.

It is easy to find videos online that show you how to do it. Just use the word decoupage in your search term, rather than photo wrapping. If you do not fancy doing it using individual photos, which you then protect using clear sticky back plastic, do not worry. Instead, you can take your absolute favorite and send it off to a custom wrap printing firm. They will then use it to create a sticker that is designed to fit your fridge perfectly. All you have to do is to wipe down your fridge and carefully apply the sticker.

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