Home (Away) for the Holidays: Introducing an Alternative to Hotels

Halloween is over, and for me and my family, that means one thing: the holiday travel season is upon us! Instead of staying home for the holidays, the Pit Stops family is excited to be reviewing >this beautiful HomeAway property near Lake Tahoe, CA during the week of Christmas, and can’t wait to share the experience with Pit Stops for Kids readers!

Does your family travel for the holidays? If so, where do you stay? With extended family, sharing a guest room or the living room couch? In a hotel room, cramped for space? I’ve done both, and needless-to-say, I’m looking forward to trying something different in vacation rental site HomeAway. I recommend checking it out if you, too, plan to travel this holiday season (or any time at all!).

Why rent a home for holiday travel?

It can be cheaper. Whether you find yourself on the road to visit family this holiday season or to get away from it all, you’ll probably want to stay in one location more than a day or so. Vacation homes are ideal for multi-night and weekly stays. I always look for one because my family of five usually requires two hotel rooms per night. Two rooms x seven nights = a hefty hotel charge on our hands! In contrast, most HomeAway rental properties rent weekly for less. And don’t forget about the cost of eating meals out: the price of your weekly rental property includes the built-in money-saver of your own kitchen!

It’s more relaxing. Cramped hotel rooms mean more noise, more kids underfoot (ok, the kids don’t multiply, but it sure feels like it!), and less sleep for everyone at night. In a rental property, we can spread out, cook our own food (or at least pour our own cereal…a savings in itself), do our own laundry, sleep in separate bedrooms…you get the idea. It’s more like home. And there’s a lot less of ‘get off of that!’, ‘stop that right this minute!’ and ‘So-in-so’s hogging the bathroom!’.

You’re given personalized attention. Forget a concierge. HomeAway rental properties offer something better: independent owners who know their properties (and locations) inside and out (quite literally). In the process of reserving my HomeAway property, I was put in immediate contact with the property owner, who was (and continues to be) an invaluable resource for me as I plan our vacation. She knows the community, the best local restaurants, and the most popular activities for kids. She’s been able to explain not only the trash pick-up schedule and how to work the thermostat, but where we should plan to ski and which local holiday celebrations are not to be missed.

You’re in good hands. HomeAway is the world leader of vacation home rentals, and with more than 425,000 rentals offered in 120 countries, travelers are bound to find an ideal property almost anywhere. In addition, by renting through HomeAway, you have the option of signing up for their first-of-its-kind Carefree Rental Guarantee, which provides up to $10,000 of payment protection.

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Stay tuned for our next Home (Away) for the Holidays segment and details on our HomeAway vacation rental experience this holiday season!

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