Travel Gear We Use: All-time favorite healthy travel snacks

Today’s Travel Gear We Use segment isn’t exactly gear, but does help us as we travel: we’re rounding up our favorite healthy travel snacks. There are many, many products out there that claim to be wholesome, organic, and tasty. We’ve tried almost all of them. Yet, this list is short. Very short. Why? Let’s be real: most so-called healthy travel snacks are gross. Even my kids, who know their way around a natural foods store, go to schools that are GMO-free, and live in hippie-friendly Oregon, have their limits. Here are the winners that are kid-tested and kid-approved in our house. Buy these snacks for your next road trip or air travel day, and you won’t be wasting your money.


SunRidge Farms mixes:

sunridge-farmsOMG, you guys. If you want to ensure everyone in the family has a healthy, delicious and dare I say, downright exciting trail mix to call their own for your next trip, check out SunRidge Farms. Their many, many trail mix varieties can be bought in 6-8 ounce bags, but also come in bulk. I love this option, as we bring our own containers and bento boxes when we travel to cut down on waste. You can create your own trail mixes by looking through their many nut, seed, dried fruit, and organic chocolate offerings, but save yourself some time and check out their pre-packaged ones. We love the Berries and Chocolate. You can also get square protein chews that my kids gave a thumbs up: the peanut butter power chews are a favorite. I love that SunRidge Farm’s production facility is powered by solar energy and that their foods are GMO-free, organic, and much of the chocolate and coffee offerings are Fair Trade. Yes, SunRidge Farms’ trail mixes are more expensive than average, but we found them on Amazon and if you buy in bulk, you’ll get high quality snack food for a reasonable price! You can even get gummies for a treat on the road you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Kate’s Real Food:


Haven’t heard of Kate’s Real Food bars? I love these all-natural, organic creations originating in Jackson Hole, WY. Kate’s bars have been embraced by serious hikers, mountain bikers, climbers, and skiers all over the West, so you know it’s good enough for road trip noshing, too. We love that these bars are made from locally-sourced ingredients whenever applicable, and they never freeze…even when skiing or in the cold car. My kids quickly tire of the usual protein bars and granola bars, but Kate’s are just wholesome enough that they taste like, well, real food, instead of chalk or powder. And bonus: they’re on Amazon in bulk, too!

Nut butters from PB Crave

This high energy, high protein food is perfect for road trips because it can survive just fine without refrigeration and doesn’t melt (too much) in a hot car. Kids find peanut butter to be boring? They won’t if you try PB Crave. These peanupb-cravet butters come in super fun flavors, like Cookie Nookie (chocolate chips and cookie dough flavor) and Razzle Dazzle (dark chocolate, white cocoa butter drops, and natural raspberry flavor). They taste very sweet (maybe too sweet for grown ups), but all PB Crave flavors are sweetened with wild honey, and their more affordable than ‘gourmet’ nut butters. We put a jar in the car and toss in crackers, bread, or apple slices to eat with it.

Matt’s Munchiesmatts-munchies

Forget about any other fruit leather or fruit roll-up, and definitely forget about those artificial fruit snacks. My kids LOVED Matt’s Munchies dried fruit strips, and I loved that each package could feed two hungry kids…no skimping here! We love the tropical flavors with real strips of coconut blended in, but get a variety pack to start with and discover your favorites. For picky eaters used to basic flavors, try the Apple-licious.

As a peanut butter alternative, you can also try an almond butter. It could also be used as a good travel snack. Here’s a review on the best almond butter from Kitchenistic.

Bottom line: can you supply your family with travel snacks for less money? Sure, we know that. And our family can’t realistically buy these types of snacks every day. But eating healthy, wholesome, naturally sweetened snacks while traveling can enhance every part of your vacation. Kids will feel better, be better behaved, and have more energy to play and explore. And the truth is, so will you!

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