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Remember our #1 ski tip from last winter? We described how to use GetOutfitted to outfit yourself, or supplement your outfit, for winter sports. We used GetOutfitted to ‘rent’ a pair of ski pants for my husband, who didn’t want to invest in a new pair mid-way through the ski season. Now, GetOutfitted is also renting camping gear.


I am in love with this idea. Even though we personally own all our own camping gear, we know many families who do not, and I have seen how it limits their ability to explore the outdoors. After all, who wants to buy the entire collection of gear needed to go camping when they’re still trying it out? With GetOutfitted, families can rent a ready-made camping package that includes a tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads, or rent things a la carte, like lights, stoves, backpacks, and trekking poles. Backpacking packages are also available (they include the same basic items as in the camping package, plus a backpack).

Kelty quality:

One potential problem of a system like GetOutfitted is that families new to camping may not know if the gear they’re renting is quality stuff. Thanks to my job as an outdoor gear reviewer and decades of outdoor experience, I can tell you GetOutfitted is using good gear. Their tents and bags are new Kelty models; in fact, the Trail Ridge tents and PDa pads are the exact items we have at home. They trade out their gear regularly, upgrading just as they do their ski gear.


Packages vary, obviously, but a basic camping package for a family of four comes to $159 for a three-day rental. Should a family buy each item, the cost would be well over $1000. If you decide to camp regularly, I’d recommend buying your own equipment, of course, but if you just camp once a year, GetOutfitted is the way to go. Plus, if you rent, you don’t have to store all this stuff in your garage or basement all year!

How it works:

Even though we have gear, we wanted to try GetOutfitted’s summer stuff before recommending it. Last week, my oldest son and I hiked 65 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail, and we decided to supplement our gear with an item I’ve been wanting for a while, but haven’t bought: trekking poles. We rented trekking poles from GetOutfitted, which are only $9 for a three-day rental. After ordering online, I got a tracking code immediately, and they arrived in just a few days. There’s free shipping both ways, and when we returned, we simply put the poles back in the supplied packaging and sent them back.

It was a great way to try out trekking poles and decide if they’d be worth the investment. Our verdict: my son and I both loved them and will plan on buying pair of our own. The best part: at the end of each season, renters have the option of buying the gear they used. We bought our trekking poles at a discount off the retail price.

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Disclosure: We were invited to try GetOutfitted’s summer camping line free of charge, for the purpose of review. All opinions remain our own.

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  1. Quality camping gear can be a big investment. Renting quality gear is a great way to improve the camping experience for new or infrequent campers! I’d definitely consider this.

  2. Although camping isn’t exactly MY cup of tea, I do know it is in my future with these 2 adventurous boys I have. You know I’ll always come to you with my questions! Any great review and I never would have thought of renting gear. Definitely something to keep in mind.

  3. What a great giveaway!

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