How to get the most from your golfing getaway

Once upon a time, it would be fair to say that the golfing getaway was almost going out of fashion. Sure, they’ve always had the excitement factor (for those who are obviously into golf), but they often came with extortionate costs.

If you pick the wrong area of the world, at the wrong time, these costs can still exist. However, there’s no doubt that golfing holidays are becoming more cost-efficient, and ultimately increasing in popularity. Whether you head to The Belfry or Sawgrass; the very best courses in the world are acceptable.


In a bid to allow you to get as much as possible from your next golfing vacation, this guide has been put together. Let’s now take a look at some of the best tips to facilitate this.

Think twice about taking your own gear

In the art of saving money initially, it can be all-too-easy to fall for the first prices that airlines charge for your flight. In doing so, you don’t take into account the “extras” they charge – one of which can be for taking your own clubs.

It’s not been unheard of for some airlines to charge in excess of £70 for golf clubs and suffice to say, this adds a considerable amount to your budget.

As such, you need to work out firstly if you really need your clubs, and secondly if it’s more cost effective to just hire them at your chosen destination. In the case of the former, hiring other clubs might not be an option if yours are heavily customized, or if you simply struggle to use others. The second is all about your own research and finding out how much is charged in the destination you are heading.

Is there more to the region than just golf?

It’s a golfing holiday and the general consensus is that you should just think about playing. Of course, it never quite plays out like that. While you will be on the course for four or five hours a day, this is actually a small portion of your entire holiday.

Bearing this in mind, always make sure you ask the question on what you will be doing in those other hours. Is there any sort of nightlife nearby? Does the resort have a spa or pool? Will you simply be satisfied if it’s just your group hanging around the apartment? The answers to these questions can also affect your budget as it goes without saying that if boredom does set in, you’ll be quickly paying for a taxi to take you somewhere else during the spare hours.

How many courses are nearby?

In a similar vein, are you heading to an area with just one course, or are there plenty nearby? This again relates to possible boredom that sets in. After all, if you have arranged for your break to span a week, by the time you reach day four you will probably be tired of teeing up on the same course again.

Some of you might be happy with this, but for those who want a bit of variety, your initial research is of paramount importance.

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