Gear guide for your next beach trip

The holidays are coming up, and if you’re lucky, you have a trip planned somewhere warm and sunny. You don’t want to arrive at your much-needed break without the essentials., Take a look at some of our must-have items for your upcoming beach vacation. And as you make your plans and put together your packing list, don’t let any of these items go overlooked! 

The Perfect Chair:

One of the biggest essentials for your beach holiday is an ultra-comfortable, sturdy chair for the hours you’re bound to spend soaking up the sun. You want something that is both lightweight and takes up as little room as possible, as well as one that fits your personality. These folding lawn chairs are the perfect combination of relaxation and utility, employing a classic design that will always be style.

Space Saving Reading:

Many of us can fill a whole carry-on with the books that we want to read while on our hiatus, but this can be both space-invading and expensive (those books can get heavy!). Consider investing in a tablet, such as the Kindle. This makes it extremely easy to download all of the books on your to-read list, while also saving you plenty of space in your suitcase. Lightweight and easy to transport, the Kindle tablet has no sun glare and lights up in the dark, so you will never be hindered from delving into your stories. 

Underwater Smartphone Case:

While some people come prepared with fancy cameras and all the bells and whistles to accompany them, many of us use our phone’s camera to capture special moments. If this is how you take your photos, it would be wise to get an underwater case to keep your phone protected for those just-in-case moments. We all know someone who has forgotten their phone was in their pocket and zealously dived into the pool and lost precious memories! A waterproof phone case can easily prevent that heartbreak.

Comfortable Baby Carrier:

If you’ve ever traveled with children, you know that keeping them happy and content is of the utmost importance in order for everyone to have an enjoyable vacation. If you find yourself taking an infant with you on your beach vacation, you’ll definitely want to take a look at a reliable newborn baby carrier to keep them cozy and snug. Look for one that can be comfortably worn for long periods of time, and that helps your little one stay relaxed.

Reliable Credit Card:

We can all safely admit that there have been times on every vacation when unexpected expenses turn up. No amount of planning and preparation can help you anticipate the unknown. Bringing your Visa Platinum card along can help grant you some peace of mind and create that financial cushion that you’re bound to need on your holiday trip. If you do end up needing your credit card on your trip, make a plan to pay it off as quickly as possible once you return home.

As you get ready for your much-anticipated beach vacation, be sure to include these important items on your checklist. You deserve a stress-free holiday, and these must-haves are sure to help make that happen. 

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