Fun and simple ways to celebrate Mardi Gras at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much of how we live our lives and continues to affect the world in countless ways, forcing many people indoors and triggering the cancellation of some of our favorite events, as well.


For instance, it was recently announced that Mardi Gras would not be running as normal in New Orleans, bringing great sadness to so many people who adore the fun and excitement of this colorful, eclectic celebration. 

Families who were planning to attend the week-long carnival and enjoy the parades, parties, and entertainment together will be sorely disappointed, but there is a logic behind the cancellation, and it should help to reduce the spread of the virus, saving lives and protecting the vulnerable.

We can hope to enjoy the real Mardi Gras in full swing in future years, but in the meantime, it’s been inspiring to see how people have responded, with New Orleans locals turning their homes into decorative floats and people around the world choosing to celebrate at home instead. 

Go Virtual 

Since COVID-19 started to spread and people began to spend more time indoors, virtual events and activities have started to become increasingly popular. We’ve seen virtual zoo tours, virtual museum visits, virtual concerts, and now you and your family can get ready for a virtual Marid Gras fun time too. 

There are quite a few of these virtual Mardi Gras celebrations planned. Kota Hotb is running an online behind-the-scenes look at Carnival, for example, and there are also interactive, explorable maps of the city so you can virtually roam around and see all the decorations.

Make Your Own Masks and Outfits 

If you have any kids of any age at home or just want to let your own inner child have some fun, why not make your own crazy carnival outfits and dress up in honor of this special celebration? After all, the colorful outfits and masks are a big part of what makes Mardi Gras so special, and no party can quite feel right without them. 

You can stock up on crafts and supplies to make your own masks and outfits. Of course, you could also purchase pre-made ones, but it can be a lot of fun to create your own, especially when you get the kids involved and let your imaginations run wild together.

You can also buy ready-made plain costumes such as long, flowing cloaks and capes and jazz them up with colorful, sparkly, and flowery decorations. It saves time while giving you and the kids the chance to unleash your creativity and imagination!

Decorate Your Home

Many New Orleans locals have proven that you can’t truly ever cancel Mardi Gras by decorating their homes to look like parade floats, with all kinds of fun colors, styles, themes, and designs, from magical Marvel Universe lands to Venetian balls.

Whether you’re a Louisiana local or someone living far away, you and your family can join in on the fun as well and decorate your own home. The best part is that there aren’t really any rules, which is one of the most exciting aspects of Mardi Gras, and you can choose any kind of style that makes you smile.

The Tastiest Treats

One of the best things about Mardi Gras is the food. It’s called ‘Fat Tuesday’, after all, so it’s only fitting that you should indulge in all of your favorite treats, snacks, and drinks during this exciting time of year, and there are many traditional dishes to try, with the King Cake being the most famous example. 

You can bake your own King Cake in the famous shape of a crown and decorate it in the Carnival colors, or you can order one pre-made. You can also whip up some classic Louisiana dishes or New Orleans treats like fried seafood and po’boys.

Moving and Grooving

Of course, as well as food, outfits, parades, and decorations, one of the key aspects of any Mardi Gras celebration is the music. New Orleans is famed around the world for its musical associations and jazz clubs, and when Mardi Gras comes along, the city parties all night long, with instruments of all kinds sounding out throughout the streets.

You might not be able to make quite as much noise in the comfort of your own home, but it can really liven up the place to put on some authentic Louisiana tunes and have your very own dance party, moving and grooving with the kids in your masks and outfits.

A virtual or at-home Mardi Gras might not be quite the same as the real thing, but it can still be a wonderful celebration. Follow these tips and have the best and safest time for your own Fat Tuesday fun.