Four things to do in Vietnam with kids

Vietnam is a South Asian country that shares borders with Thailand and the South China Sea. Like all other South Asian countries, it has a rich heritage and Buddhist based culture with plenty of natural beauty to offer. There is a lot to do and see in Vietnam. The country is blessed with beautiful sights and natural resources that are still untouched by the rest of the world. It is a secluded paradise waiting to be explored.


Vietnam with kids:

There is a certain quality about Vietnam that gives every tourist something worthwhile to do. There is something of interest for every kind of tourist in Vietnam. The demographic that trend to enjoy Vietnam, unsurprisingly, are the kids. The country is a riot of activity, color and panache. This is a quality Vietnam shares with all its South Asian counterparts. This bustling place with extraordinary things happening with an ordinary aura about it draws the curiosity and innocence if kids, in particular. If you are looking to travel to Vietnam with your family, here are things you have to do.

Hanoi capital: 

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is its most developed and accessible city. This does not take away its other worldly charm though. Hanoi has plenty of things to do, especially for kids. The wheels famous water puppet show here is widely talked about and is in every tourist’s wish list. Though the show is enjoyed by everyone, children are particularly drawn to it as it taps into their curiosity and also accesses their sense of humor. The Old Quarter of the city is also a major attraction. The fish market has such a large collection of fish from the smallest to the biggest sizes. This, though slightly crowded, is amazing to visit with kids. They remain occupied by the cacophony of activity around them and tend to have a lot of fun watching Vietnamese fishermen in rural areas at work.

The overnight train ride they offer from Hanoi to Hue, which is another major tourist attraction in Vietnam is a pleasure. Every coupe is secluded and had four beds. The kids usually have a lot of fun running and jumping around all night as nothing excites kids more than a train journey.

Tam Coc and Mua Cave: 

This place is every tourist’s dream. A nice refreshing trek up to Mua Cave and a boat ride on the Halong-bay-on-land is a great experience. Though the trek gets tiresome, kids are seen to enjoy it as they get to see the entire bay area from the top of the Tam Coc region. The boat ride itself is calming and a beautiful exclusive for you to share with your entire family. The whole area is peaceful but has things happening all around. So, while your kids are excitedly pointing at every little thing around them, you can kick back in your big straw hat and relax, Vietnamese style.

vietnam with kids

The pristine waters of the China beach: 

The clear and pristine water of the China Sea is worth the visit. Most kids are seen running towards the water screaming in joy ready to Cannon ball into the extremely transparent water. The water is calm and shallow making it easy for kids to swim with the fishes. This is a very new and rewarding experience for children who are used to a more first world take on things. Just running into beach waters are not joys many first world kids get to experience, first hand. The beach has great beer and pizza you and your family can feast on after a day of swimming in calm, open waters.

Make custom shoes and clothes at Hoi An: 

Getting custom clothes made is a very fun experience, here at Hoi An. Give your measurements in the multiple shops there to who specialize in this. You can choose from a variety of designs and styles. In a couple of days, your kids will be holding shoes they chose to get made. This is a real new and fun experience for them as they get to brag to kids back at home.



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