Five pet-friendly road trip ideas

If you’re planning a road trip with the kids, you won’t want to leave your furry family members behind! It just wouldn’t be a vacation without them. Yet just like travelling with the little ones, a bit of advance planning can make a world of difference once you’re on the road. To get started, you’ll want to choose road trip destinations that are ideal for both kids and pets. Here are five of the best!

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Five pet-friendly road trip ideas:

dog-friendly road trip

1. The Grand Canyon

Some of America’s top destinations are more pet-friendly than others. National Parks like Yellowstone are always a hit for the kids, but they’re not so great for dogs who aren’t allowed in many campgrounds. The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a notable exception. Your pooch will be allowed to tackle the trails along with the kids, making this a great road trip pit stop for the whole family. Remember to bring plenty of snacks and water for everyone, as temperatures can soar and the trails go on for miles.

2. Nevada and Las Vegas 

Las Vegas may not be the first road trip stop to come to mind when you’re thinking about where to take the kids and pets. While you can’t take Fido into the casinos, there are plenty of dog-friendly stops along the strip including many restaurants and shops. Many of the larger hotel chains also offer pet beds and food bowls upon request. The kids will be entertained by live shows and swimming pools, and outside of the city there are plenty of attractions to drive to. Don’t miss Red Rock Canyon, only a 30-minute drive away.

3. Upstate New York

Explore New York State with a drive away from Manhattan towards the Adirondacks. Road trip destinations like Mirror Lake are family and pet-friendly. A prime example is Lake Placid Lodge, which offers cabins fully stocked with homemade doggie treats and pet beds. The children will love wandering around the numerous hiking trails in the area, while upstate NY’s charming villages are filled with boutiques and organic cafes for the grownups.

4. North Carolina

North Carolina’s scenic highways are tailor-made for family fun. Get away to sandy beaches where the kids and pets can run free, or head to Jockey Ridge State Park to tackle the impressive sand dunes. Dogs are allowed on the boardwalk, which offers sweeping views and plenty of ice cream stands for the kids.

5. The California Coast 

Finally, a classic road trip idea is to wind your way up or down California’s scenic coastline. Whether or not you have a Mustang convertible to feel the wind in your hair, you’ll be able to soak in Pacific views and plenty of sunshine. California’s a particularly pet-loving state, with dog friendly restaurants and local festivals ready to welcome your furry friend. Pet-friendly beaches are clearly marked, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Make the most of your family road trip by including destinations like these, which are capable of accommodating everyone.