Five best places to visit to get the best souvenirs for kids

The chance to visit other places is something that anyone shouldn’t miss. The opportunity to meet new people, get to know unique cultures, and taste local cuisines is indeed a fantastic experience. Another part of the travel experience that many people love is shopping. Some poke through each souvenir shop that crosses their path to seek the best items they could bring back home, while others go on a search for whatever collectible their child or niece requested.    


Souvenirs will serve as the travelers’ mementos and evidence that they were able to visit a specific destination. Seeing a particular souvenir will also remind them of the beautiful experience they had during that travel. However, souvenirs may have a slightly different value for kids. Children love getting souvenirs because it usually means they have a new toy to play with or a unique item that they can never buy from their hometown.   

Another purpose of souvenirs for kids is to keep them entertained during your trip. Most often, kids may feel antsy, especially during long trips. Those new items will keep them busy throughout the journey. 

Best souvenirs for kids:

Read on below for the list of best places to buy kids souvenirs and for more entertainment ideas for kids during your travels:


The Philippines receives a lot of tourists every year. It’s not surprising considering the number of beautiful beaches in the country. However, it’s not only the summer getaway experience that makes the Philippines a hot spot for travelers, but the country’s many fascinating cultures also stand out.  

One of the unique things about the island nation is the ‘Jeepney.’ It’s a bus-like vehicle that many Filipinos use to get from one place to another. If you have a child or niece waiting for you back home and expecting a souvenir, get them a toy jeepney! It’s a traditional collectible in the Philippines, allowing tourists to take their memory of the country with them when they leave. Toy jeepneys come in various designs, so make sure to take a photo of them and let your kid choose the best.


Chocolates are the first thing that gets into people’s minds when hearing about Switzerland. It’s home to the world-famous Swiss chocolates, so it’s already expected. 

When visiting Switzerland with a kid, giving them chocolates as souvenirs will keep them occupied throughout your journey. For sure, they know Nestle, Toblerone, Lindt, and other popular Swiss brands. But who wouldn’t love to take a chocolate piece of art by some of the world’s best chocolatiers straight from the home of milk chocolate? Even you would want to taste the unique flavors of Swiss chocolates. It’s the best way to enjoy the views of the country’s picturesque towns and villages.


Denmark has many tourist attractions to offer–the royal palaces, the Tivoli amusement park, and the little mermaid statue are only some of them. The most sought-after and top-purchased item in the country, though, is the Lego. 

Sure, it can be bought at any store, but the fact that Denmark is Lego’s place of origin makes Danish Legos a fantastic souvenir for kids waiting for you at home.


The wildlife in the Masai Mara is the first thing that pops when people think of Kenya. Africa’s ‘Big Five’ animals attract many tourists from different parts of the world to the national park. What if you could bring the ‘big five’ back home? Yes, you can do that by getting the Masai tribe’s beautiful handmade wooden animal carvings. 

The wooden animals that the Masai people carve while watching actual animals roam the Masai Mara National Reserve are the best souvenir you can get when in the country. There are various sizes to choose from, too–you can have 1.5-meter-tall giraffes or the smaller miniature animals that you can hook into a keychain and attach to your child’s luggage. The best thing about it? The money you’ll spend will go to the Masai community directly.

New Zealand

Are you a fan of the Lord of the Rings franchise? If you are, then you know that New Zealand is a must-visit place. The movies in the series were filmed in the country. And that’s because of its magical land and, of course, the hobbit houses. 

New Zealand has a wide range of environments to offer to tourists–from rainforests to beaches. However, when talking about souvenirs, especially for a fantasy-fan kid, nothing beats the One Ring. Even only a replica of it will amuse your child or niece/nephew so long as it’s from this country.

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