Family fun in Central America

Traveling abroad with children can be difficult. The logistics of travel, the jet lag, the foreign languages and myriad cultural differences can be challenging but ultimately a very rewarding experience for kids. Selecting the perfect family-friendly destination takes equal parts consideration and adventure.  Cruise holidays to Central America are worth considering as they offer families the best of everything: the comfortable amenities of home, hassle-free travel of accommodation that moves with you, and the excitement of some of the world’s most exotic destinations.


Why Central America?

Much of Latin America is very family friendly but do be aware that not all of it is. Some of the region’s landscapes are quite harsh, ranging from towering altitudes to inferno like heat, but the coastal areas of Central America are always accessible. Passengers can easily reach Central America within a few hours and be back aboard ship for dinner. Exploring the stunning coastline from Mexico down to Guatemala and Costa Rica is a once in a lifetime experience that the whole family will remember forever.

A Good Place for Kids?

When choosing a Central American itinerary with children, consider both education and plain old fun. Planning an itinerary or selecting port activities together can help ensure that kids are part of the holiday making process and have specific things to research and look forward to.  Consider a shore excursion to some of Guatemala’s spectacular Mayan ruins or visit a leatherback turtle sanctuary on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. This part of the world is ideal for engaging imaginations of all ages.


Why A Cruise Holiday?

Destinations like Central America can at times be overwhelming for a family on holiday. A cruise allows families to indulge in more traditional holiday activities like spending days reading by the pool or climbing rock walls and enjoying the sunset as dolphins swim alongside the ship. Days spent in port provide the freedom that families want without the hassle of packing and unpacking everyone’s bags every few days. A cruise holiday combines the rest and relaxation of an all-inclusive resort with the excitement and action of a wild and foreign adventure.

The world is a big place and there are so many holiday destinations to choose from. Central America offers families the best of everything: history, culture, cuisine and some of the most dramatic and robust natural landscapes left on earth. A cruise holiday to this stunning and surprising part of the world is the ultimate getaway that will open the minds and hearts of the entire family.

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